"Unintelligible at any speed."

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Hollie Newton
Feb 16, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: The FCC was unable to detect any off-color lyrics in a rock 'n' roll record that was a target of several complaints. "Louie, Louie," by the Kingsmen was found to be "unintelligible at any speed." It was suggested that if the record was played at 33 1-3 r.p.m. obscene lyrics could be heard.

25 years ago, 1989: The long-delayed spacecraft Galileo was readied for the first leg of a 2.4 billion-mile odyssey that would end with it plunging through the clouds of Jupiter on a close encounter with the largest planet in the solar system.

10 years ago, 2004: The cops from "NYPD Blue" would be on the beat for one more season, their 12th, and then take retirement. The ensemble cast earned 26 Emmy nominations and won best drama series in 1995.



Hoover/FBI checked on that 1. Since he liked guys J. Edgar thought the lyrics talked about sex between a man & woman.


Re: "Hoover (snip)"

Anti-gay slur?


No oldster. Just a few facts.


So why do you hate gays?


I don't but you hate me. Your comments on Bob Carelton imo. clearly demonstrate you are a bigot. What would do if your daughter married a black man & they had a child. I'd to be there on that 1.


Re: "I don't (snip)"

Your gay slur about JE Hoover says otherwise.

I have a black nephew and a mulatto niece and nephew. YOU?

Nothing like trying to deflect from your extreme homophobia eh?


The "slur" against Hoover was obviously an attack on his hypocrisy, not gender or sexual orientation. He went after people he didn't like for their proclivities, but apparently he has a few himself.


You're being "factitious" right?

Read the story about “Louie, Louie.” The FBI was called in, they did not begin the investigation.


You are white so what is the difference between you nephew and niece if one is black the other is.


Re: "you (sic) nephew and niece if one is black the other is."


Read it again.

It's THREE people. One black nephew and two "mixed race" children - one girl and one boy.

BTW: "Louie, Louie" was written by a black guy.


So anyways; I have the album:



Richard Berry wrote it 1rst too. 1955. Your venom is clearly displayed always ....hence my words towards you. Next you'll hate me because of my religion...opps 1rst Amendment.." you can't touch this."


Re: "Your venom is clearly displayed always,"

Look in the mirror. Your extreme homophobia and racial prejudice are obvious.

Re: "hate me,"

You poor, poor whiny thing. :)


I think the moderator should strike all these comments.


Re: "moderator,"

Fired 'em.

To quote you: Take a "chill pill." :)

Ol' cyberbully kurt knows.


What I do know is you are a bigot. As Nelson Mandela stated "tolerance." A word alien to you. Am glad that you notice my posts, though I do feel sorry for your grandchildren. You hate them bigot? Through with you.


Re: "Through with you."


Like most bullies, kurt likes to dish it out, i.e. "oldster," "bigot," but dislikes any push back, so like a child he whines: "You hate me." :)

Keep looking in the mirror kurt.

Dr. Information

kurt is lost. Name calls, then points the finger like a little kid telling his mom when someone does it to him. He cuts on the older generation with so many rude crude comments, yet acts innocent. Will throw out the anti gay, anti color comments at his own leisure, but acts worldly. Webster's dictionary has a word that describes him. Hypocrite.


bob is gonna be pissed!