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Hollie Newton
Feb 9, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: Two bombs planted by terrorists destroyed a bleachers during a softball game in Pershing Stadium, Saigon, Viet Nam. Two U.S. servicemen were killed and 23 other Americans injured.

25 years ago, 1989: Every American baby should be tested for the AIDS virus, television networks should air condom commercials, and drug users should be given sterile needles in efforts to stem the AIDS epidemic a government advisory panel recommended.

10 years ago, 2004: The nation's unemployment rate fell to 5.6 percent in January 2004, the lowest level in more than two years, as employers stepped up hiring - but not a brisk enough pace to ease concerns about the prolonged job drought.



Re: "The nation's unemployment rate fell to 5.6 percent in January 2004,"

Meanwhile, the current accomplished former community organizer oversees a shrinking unemployment rate (6.6%) largely due to people dropping out of the work force as well as a historically low labor force participation rate (63%).


You just can't help yourself can you?


Re: "You (snip)"

Presenting the FACTS? No.

The former cmty. org.'s approval rating is down to 39% according to Gallup.


Even in good times the unemployment rate is about 6%. Maybe this is as good as it gets.


Deertracker just understand, he's just a joyless old man.


Re: "Deertracker (snip)"

How can you be joyful about unemployment, cyberbully?


Simple minded oldster 1 has to create..that's how 1 makes it. The most dollars don't equate to happiness either. To late to get your joy eh,?Being you has to hurt.


Re: "Simple (snip)"

Not answered: How can you possibly find joy in others' unemployment, cyberbully?


Was very clear. Too bad you let hate drive your thinking. Through here.


Re: "Was (snip)"

Unintelligible drivel.

Third request: How can you possibly find joy in the unemployment of others, cyberbully?