Too Sleazy to Debate

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Hollie Newton
Oct 16, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: Huron police instituted a new program in which letters were mailed to parents informing them of misconduct on the part of their child.Chief Wargo said acts of unruliness at sports events, disregard for bicycle safety and swimming rules might warrant a letter.

25 years ago, 1988: Sen. Howard Metzenbaum, D-Ohio, closed the door for any debates with Republican Senate nominee George Voinovich, saying the Cleveland mayor forfeited any debates with his "negative and mean-spirited campaign of smears, sleaze and gutter tactics."

10 years ago, 2003: Defunct cookie company Wisteria Hill Farms, did not garner a single bid at the Erie County Sheriff's Office auction. The property was appraised at $150,000 with 10 percent due at time of sale. In 2002 the bakery laid off more than 30 full-time workers due to poor sales.



Voinovich was mentioned in "Rotten to the core II." A book about dirty Mansfield , Ohio.


Thank you for the tip. It doesn't matter if a politician has a D or R behind their name. Sometimes the Ds and Rs work together as a team in illegal actions. A crook is a crook no matter if a D or R follows their name.
"While those mob troubles were starting, George Voinovich -- whose mayoral campaign was backed financially by
Presser, Palladino and others -- won Cleveland’s mayoral election in 1981. Voinovich recommended that the city’
s lucrative garbage-hauling contract with Dzina not be renewed and instead returned to Palladino. A city
consultant recommended against awarding Palladino the contract, citing "flaws" in the bidding process."

"In 1983, Dzina filed a $170 million lawsuit in U.S. District Court alleging that Palladino and 37 other city officials
and companies conspired to rub him out of the rubbish picture and monopolize the bountiful Cleveland garbage
contract. Dzina claimed Mayor Voinovich and City Council President George Forbes accepted bribes from

"Danny Greene's reputed protégé, Jim Palladino, got his garbage contract back after George Voinovich became mayor of Cleveland in 1979. Jimmy Dimora handed him Bedford's rubbish contract as well. Palladino contributed heavily to Voinovich's campaigns for mayor and, later, Senator. He currently owns the Kelley's Island limestone quarry and lives on the island with his family. He did not return calls seeking comment."

"Jefferson County Prosecutor Stephen M. Stern accused Petro of the same thing when he was state auditor in a October 19, 1997, story in The Columbus Dispatch headlined, "Probe seen as political payback."

The story said Stern wasn't surprised when a special investigator from the state auditor's office showed up at his office earlier that year.

"Stern, a Democrat, figures a two-month probe of his office by Republican Auditor Jim Petro is the price he must pay for taking on Paul V. Voinovich, brother of Republican Gov. George V. Voinovich," The Dispatch reported."

"..The payments were made to an obscure company incorporated in Florida that names as the only officer Laura Panichi, wife of Vincent Panichi, Voinovich's longtime personal accountant in Cleveland, records show..."

"It was at Voinovich’s urging that the bureau was brought under the control of the governor’s office in 1995, and state law also was relaxed to allow alternative investments such as Noe’s rare-coin fund...

But in records from Noe’s 1993 divorce, Noe credited his political connections with helping him land Panichi and Paul Mifsud, Voinovich’s former chief of staff, as clients for his private coin business...

During Noe’s trial, prosecutors told jurors that Noe used "friends in high places" to help land the bureau investment but didn’t present any evidence about it..."

"When Martin Yant became editor of The Mansfield News Journal in 1978 at age 28, he was the youngest editor of a daily newspaper in the United States. Since graduating from Georgetown University in 1971 -- three years behind Bill Clinton -- Yant had earned the reputation in Pittsburgh and the Chicago as a newspaper whiz kid and he was well on his way to meeting his goal of becoming editor of a major metropolitan newspaper by the time he was 40."

"The first telephone call Yant got the first day in his new position changed those plans dramatically.

"Are you going to cover up all the corruption in this town like the editors before you," a woman asked after welcoming Yant to Mansfield."
"Justice: Denied -- The Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted"

"Martin D. Yant Investigations"
"The Mansfield Police Department is very notorious for "police brutality," and it should be addressed immediately. Martin Yant, author of Rotten to the Core and Presumed Guilty, is a private investigator who lived in Mansfield for many years, exposed an enormous amount of corruption in Mansfield, which led to the conviction of a brutal sheriff and 7 deputies. Likewise, Martin Yant rendered several elected officials to step down from public offices. Because of this, he was threatened and ran out of Mansfield."

"Why should you be concerned about wrongful conviction? The cases here make the answer clear: it can happen to anyone, including you. What can you do? Educate yourself. Ask questions. Think. Stop rewarding malfeasance. It starts with just one person. It starts with YOU."
"In 2005, The Washington Post named Mr. Yant's book Presumed Guilty one of the eight most important books on miscarriages of justice ever published. Writer Steve Weinberg said Mr. Yant "is as important for his relentless tracking of wrongful convictions as he is for this much-needed survey of cases."


Voinovich likes to appear to live humbly in the Collingwood section of Cleveland. However, he allegedly owns a palatial lake front home on the Marblehead peninsula near operations of the Palladino family's ferry


Dzina also was involved in lawsuits in State Court, some of which appear to have been manipulated by the assignment of a retired visiting judge.


Probably some old judge past the age of 70 who also suffered from dementia? I know all about corrupt Ohio's judges. Ohio law requires that Ohio judges retire at age 70 but corrupt Ohio brings back senile old judges who wear Depends adult diapers past the age of 70 as "visiting judges" to decide court cases? What a joke! Ohio corruption for a good example!


Rotten to the core II, Funded by OBAMA STIMULUS PROGRAM to get it read by students in schools.

Very similar to what Hitler did with the youth of Germany.


The book was written in 2003. And comparing our President with Hitler is despicable.


double post


Thanxs Centauri. We are peasants in their kingdom aren't we?


"Thanxs Centauri. We are peasants in their kingdom aren't we?"

Yes, kURTje, we are peasants. But we can unite and become a very strong force. There is strength in numbers. The numbers of the kingdom are very few. The kingdom holds the power and all of the money. If we unite, we can destroy them and bring back the power and money back to the people (peasants).