IRS Fail

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Hollie Newton
Sep 8, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: A Cedar Point Road man was issued a building permit to construct a new residence and garage on the roadway valued at $49,000. That was the top dollar building permit for the week.

25 years ago, 1988: From the Locals: Kelleys Island moonlight Cruise on the Goodtime I with live entertainment, tickets $5; Now Open - Henson's Professional Kar Kare, W. Perkins Avenue; Linda Lee Dance Studio now open in Perkins; Star Lanes Senior Ladies bowling starts this weekend.

10 years ago, 2003: IRS centers established to help people prepare their tax returns gave incorrect answers - or not answer at all - to 43 percent of the questions asked by Treasury Department investigators posing as taxpayers.



and the IRS is running the national health care system.... talk about putting all your eggs in a broken basket


Re: "questions asked by Treasury Department investigators posing as taxpayers."

Gotta luv it!

The govt. has highly compensated taxpayer financed employees make sure that other highly compensated taxpayers financed employees are doin' a good job.

Govt. is legalized theft.

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Move to Russia Comrade.

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There won't be a need to move. Obama is a marxist, progressive, socialist and communist party member.

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swiss cheese kat

People like the big dope are helping in bringing Russian life here.

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I'm not the one snuggling up to putin, you right wingers are.

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swiss cheese kat

You've been duped by MSM propaganda. Why would you let that happen?

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I haven't been duped by anyone.

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Yes, you have! Your constant licking your "4shizzle" has poisoned you.

There you go again


go figure.......


I.R.S. - It's Really Stealing.

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Comrade contwisted.

The New World Czar

I R S => I Resent Success


You do know that the IRS did not exist until 1913, coincidentally the same year Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which gave the Fed the right to print our currency as debt to the American people. Up until that moment, money was created by Congress via the Treasury Department and was backed by gold. There was no need for the IRS up until that point due to the fact our money was real, and not fiat. The creation of money as debt to its people is the death of a nation. That's how we got into the situation we are in now. I hope countries and individuals that buy our debt realize they are never going to see the 17T we owe them, they will see the interest but never the principle, kinda funny that right now the biggest buyer of our debt is the corrupt organization that prints our money.


1913 - Ya got a threefer!

"Three things happened in that year. First, Congress ratified the Sixteenth Amendment. Secondly, it also ratified the Seventeenth Amendment, and thirdly, The Federal Reserve Act was passed."

The Feds needed the 16th Amend. in order to pass the 18th Amend. due to the potential loss of tax revenue.

The Fed Rsv. was created to prevent future financial crises like the Panic of 1907.

How are they doin' in the "prevention racket"?


"Now it's the 43 percent: Fewer paying no income tax"

IMO, it should be 0% "paying no income tax."