Back to the Wild

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Hollie Newton
Sep 5, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: Political turbulence in South Viet Nam caused some U.S. military men to revise estimates and predict a longer anti-Communist war - and probably longer American involvement. Victory over Red Guerrillas might take longer than the three years previously predicted.

25 years ago, 1988: A Syracuse N.Y. man with wire cutters and a rifle liberated a dozen zoo animals, tangled with a bear, and terrorized a family before surrendering to authorities. The 33-year-old man wanted to get closer to the animals.

10 years ago, 2003: Sports City was slated to close after 15 years of operations to make way for a new shopping center. The complex offered miniature golf, bumper boats, video games, batting cages, and of course the go-cart track. The land will become the site of Crossings of Sandusky.



Sports city never should have sold out I hate goofy golf


Agree, Titan! Sports City was awesome. I wish there were some batting cages around here, especially for all the boys involved with the VFW league.