Get a Frozen Coke and Popcorn

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Hollie Newton
Aug 23, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: Hills Department Store celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The giant department store on E. Perkins Avenue opened with three other area businesses in the Perkins Plaza Shopping District - Lee's Plaza Barber Shop, Ann's Sweet Shoppe and French-Tex shirt laundry.

25 years ago, 1988: The State Theatre joined a list from across the country that decided not to show the new controversial movie "The Last Temptation of Christ." Cinema World and Sandusky Mall Cinemas had not yet decided whether to show the film.

10 years ago, 2003: Sandusky Blue Streak Booster Club was relieved of the decision whether to pay the city's new parking tax when an anonymous business owner donated $400 to the club.The Boosters collected a parking fee at Blue Streak home football games.



Getting a frozen coke and a popcorn from Hills was my favorite treat as a kid. Now you can get the same thing at Target. Things change but stay the same.

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the unsilent ma...

Stale popcorn


The popcorn went so fast it didn't have time to get stale. Remember the 10 cent hotdogs?

SR watcher

Loved the popcorn! Remember the roasted cashews? Those were a treat!


Loved the popcorn from Hills. That was my mothers way to get me to behave!


Such disappointment. When I saw the sign I hoped there was news they were opening again. I never cared about their food but I loved their store.


Many toys came from that store, easybake oven, barbies, creepycrawler maker, many toys for my son also ,cozy coupe, transformers ,fisher price toys, connex blocks. It was our Toy store. sigh... Hills was great.

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(Get a Frozen Coke)

That has a whole new meaning today. I knew a lady that worked at Hills and she complained because she found used condoms in the stockroom, the clerks had smiles I guess :0

Gyro Cart Guy

What memories!!! Great place for fireworks back in the day.

I'm with Bess - I really believed the store was reopening. I'm still waiting for the grand re-opening of the downtown Jupiter.


I loved that store - even worked there one summer I think probably before they closed - but they did have the best popcorn and it was always a treat to get it if we behaved when we were in the store. I think I remember most the huge line waiting for popcorn on July 4th before the fireworks. Cedar Point has nothing on Hills fireworks - but maybe it was just the memories too.


Hills was AWESOME.....their layaway dept was used every year by my mom for school clothes....I remember the popcorn and slushies and the big Christmas stocking they would have hanging up and trying to win it every year!! MEMORIES =)


Moms and School clothes shopping was the bomb back then, I can smell that popcorn now. Made the drive there every summer. Aahhhh. Loved that store.


What about giant tiger

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Bought my first fishing pole there, it was an awesome big place as a grade schooler. Then it burnt to the ground : (


It was a hot place to shop. I watched it burn to the ground.


Maybe the downtown organization could try to lure Hills downtown.


Hills was sold to Ames who has since closed all their stores. I think the huge debt they acquired with the Hills acquisition led to their demise. Hills is not coming back.


I never could figure that one out as Ames had already filed for bankrupsy when they aquired Hills.


From Wiki, Hills advertising slogans:
"According to legend, little folk know, Hills is where the toys are!"

"Hills is the place for kids."

"When you really need a low price, Hills has it every day."

"Hills is GREAT for gifts."

"Christmas wishes come true at Hills."

"Hills is where the toys are."

"The anti-inflation department store."

"We're a different kind of department store- you oughta be shopping Hills! (Check us out!)"

"Hills Department Stores - Famous for Low Prices Everyday"

"Hills has the hits - LPs or Cassettes" (TV commercial jingle)


"Hills is the low cost living, anti inflation department store!"


What was the similar store near Sandusky High School where Farm and Fleet is today?


I think it was Ontario

Good 2 B Me


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Ontario with a Pick-N-Pay I believe.

Dwight K.

I'll never understand the whole bribing kids with a treat to and my siblings never got a bribe to behave..we just did

Fibber Mcgee

Wasn't Giant Tiger located near where the Hills store was built?


Giant Tiger ,wow that's way back, remember the steps going down to the toy land area, each side on each step was stacked and filled to overflowing with toys, it was magical. I believe it was behind Drug Mart in the early 1960's.


Remember the Halloween costumes back in the 1950's ,early 60's, Casper, lil. LuLu, mighty mouse , witches and gypsies, superman.....mine came from Giant Tiger...

dorothy gale

Loved the popcorn! Small bag was 10 cents and a large bag was a quarter. I think it was there that my sister and I bought a gerbil and assorted hamsters. And the Halloween costumes with the plastic masks. One year my brother had a Shazam costume from Hills and the mask lit up with a tiny bulb in the middle of the forehead.

old dog

The Register ran a story several months ago about the Jupitor Store, Giant Tiger and Hills. Giant Tiger was in the area behind Ollie's today. Great store to shop, and Hills was the place for school clothes and Christmas shopping. Mr. Wiggs was another great place to shop back in the days

Dwight K.

I forget. When did Hills close?


@old dog
Remember Mr. Wiggs well. Got picture with Santa every year there out in the midway. Wasnt there a grocery store inside right across from it.
And lets not forget about Grants in the Sandusky Plaza.

Fibber Mcgee

Did Giant Tiger enter on Columbus or Perkins Ave? (A milkshake rides on the answer.)


The Red Barn and wasn't there a Neisner's downtown


Giant Tiger used to be in the old Grabner Buick showroom. Does anyone remember a Rink's store? Just came across an old item with a Rink's label.