Bonus history: He did wrong

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Jun 28, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: Twenty lashes with a belt were delivered on a gas station attendant in Muncie City Court, Munice, Ind., for setting a stray dog afire. The pants-down thrashing was ordered for the 20-year-old attendant, who pleaded guilty to a cruelty to animals charge.



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Ohio needs to do that to all of these clowns who abuse animals .... I think it would be awesome ....




And what about unborn babies who are murdered everyday?

be for real

They ought to do this to all the animal owners who dont keep them in their own yards, and dont clean up the crap they leave behind when they take them for a walk.This is plain stupidity people care more for an animals life than a human being,You animal rights activist people are messed up in the head