De Plane! De Plane!

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Hollie Newton
Jun 28, 2013


25 years ago, 1988: Sandusky's Lower Lake Dock set a record shipment of coal out on the 1,000-foot freighter, M.V. Indiana Harbor. She left the No. 3 dock with a record breaking 44,779 tons of coal headed to Michigan. The Indiana Harbor was the largest ship to visit Sandusky Bay.

10 years ago, 2003: A small Canadian aircraft made a forced landing on Linwood Beach in Vermilion. The Piper Cub landed on the beach due to a problem with its propeller. The planes two occupants were not injured.


Don Lee

Canadian aircraft? That's a U.S. registration ("N" number or tail number) on the aircraft pictured (which is a Maule M-5, not a Piper Cub).


I was just thinking that about the tail number, lol.