Sandusky Swims

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Hollie Newton
Jun 14, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: Hugh Smith won the presidency of UAW Local 1216 in a runoff election at the union hall on Bardshar Road, with a 10-vote majority over his opponent, Benny Rogowski. Smith garnered 571 votes to Rogowski's 561.

25 years ago, 1988: The new heated pool at Osborn Park was ready for a grand opening, thanks in large part to Mrs. Cecile Frost, a former resident, who donated $150,000 toward the pool. The entire pool project, including sewers, plumbing, and bathhouse was estimated at over $700,000.

10 years ago, 2003: Firelands Regional Medical Center named its conference center the George l. Mylander Conference Center. A proclamation was issued in honor of the former board chair.



They have taken away all of the places where we as families could go and hangout for a day without spending a fortune. Osborne pool, surfsup, we need to put something together to raise money to build something new or to restore something old.


I totally agree! I used to love to go to osborn park to swim when I was a kid! I kinda tried to look back there last year and its all overgrown.... brought back memories!


Yea well I guess the Residents as well as tourist can not get along when someone tries to do something good for the city , and you have people that just dont respect the place and respect each other as well
You have people that want to have places like this to themselves and want to cause problems with others and that makes it hard for anyone to be able to enjoy places like this


Well if we did get something back here like surfs up or osborn park pool they should have passes you get and if you cause a problem you get kicked out for the summer and your pass deactivated. There will always be a select few that will cause problems, but we can't run from the problem we need to solve it. We as a town have to start thinking and making solutions to these problems