Pontiff disagrees with poet

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Hollie Newton
Jun 3, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: The Vatican announced that Pope John XXIII had passed away. The Pope's stout heart gave up after a long and dramatic duel with death. The 81-year-old Pontiff, called "Pope of unity and peace" described himself as serenely ready, "going sweetly toward the end."

25 years ago, 1988:  A semi-tractor trailer collided with an Ohio Edison utility pole on Milan Avenue in Norwalk, leaving 1,800 customers without power. The truck driver was making a delivery to Schild's IGA when a bolt of lightening momentarily blinded him, causing him to hit the pole.

10 years ago, 2003:  Marconi's Restaurant, Huron, celebrated its 40th year of business. The restaurant began in 1963 by Italian-born Salvatore Martello, in a 50-seat breakfast spot and coffee shop. It eventually grew into a 120-seat full-service restaurant serving fine Italian meals, operated by Martello's son Carlo.



IMO as Pope, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli had already claimed his reputation and had more than fulfilled the admonitions conveyed in Dylan Thomas' poem.


AJ Oliver

Juan 23 was the best pope ever. The church was really inclusive then, and not afraid to speak truth to power. Now the Inquisition is in charge, and they're going after nuns and other uppity women. Count me out.


You like popes, watch the Borgias !