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Hollie Newton
May 7, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: Specials of the day: Shanghai House of Hotel Reiger offered excellent Chinese and American food; Little Joe's Restaurant on Campbell St. had fish every Friday night to take out or eat in for $1.00; and the brand new El Dorado Lounge on Route 101 had Lyle Spears orchestra playing and served beer, wine and high power liquor.

25 years ago, 1988: President and Mrs. Reagan consulted an astrologer and sometimes ordered staff to change their schedules when the stargazer warned against travel on a certain day, Newsweek magazine reported former White House chief of staff Donald Regan disclosed in his upcoming book. The astrology was a very closely held secret, because the public might misunderstand, an unidentified official said.

10 years ago, 2003: A thief without a sense of smell stole a car full of fish guts, according to Sandusky Police. An employee of the New Fish Company reported a company car was missing. The man said the car was used to haul fish guts and was about half full at the time.



I remember that well. The POTUS was practically brain dead, The First Lady took his place and was running the entire nation by horoscopes. We wonder how we ended up here? Not so much.


Yea, guess that the country woulda been better off with that "adultery in my heart " Christian Carter bein' re-elected.

Stagflation, high interest rates, gas lines, Iran hostages - good times.

And let's not forget Mrs. Clinton “channeling” the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. :)

Truth or Dare

And we're whacked out? Please! I read my horoscope, just for fun. Don't plan my life around it, let alone would I ever consider trying to run a country revolved around it! All the more reason our country needs Separation of Church and State, and that includes the Occult! They can start w/that big D.C. Church they say they worship from, at the Taxpayers expense if course!


No more stupid than running your life on the advice of doctors and bankers in my opinion. If you can't rely on your own judgment and intuition, no one else can really help.


Reply hazy is the Magic 8 ball reply .... not HORRIBLE scopes :)


Same as Hitler. Reagan went with the zodiac. History is great - let's not forget it.