Fifty, 25 and 10 years ago

50 years ago, 1963: Pope John XXIII tripped and fell as he was mounting his throne for an audience. The 81-year-old Roman Catholic pontiff slipped on step and rolled over on his back. Aides helped him to his feet and the audience cheered. He continued as if nothing had happened.
Mar 21, 2013


25 years ago, 1988: Richard Schuh, Huron, did very well but did not place in the Miller High Life Danny Boy Amateur Talent Search at Keifer's Restaurant, Cleveland. Schuh was one of nine finalists at the St. Patrick's Day competition. 

10 years ago, 2003: Kevin Matthes, of Chet & Matt's Pizza, accepted the People's Choice Award for the best dine-in pizza at the Rotary Pizza Challenge at the IAB Club in Sandusky. It was the fourth year in a row Chet & Matt's won the award.