Dog missing after burglary

Coins, Playstation, compound bow stolen from house Monday
Andy Ouriel
Jun 18, 2014

Missing: A bunch of coins, some video games, a compound bow and a dog.

A burglar on Monday stole a slew of electronics and other expensive items from a house in the 1000 block of Buchanan Street.

But the most valuable item taken might be a white and brown 1-year-old female Chihuahua belonging to the victim.

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A man contacted Sandusky police around 10 p.m. Monday to report someone broke into his home.

The incident occurred sometime between 7-10 p.m., when the victim wasn’t home, according to a related Sandusky police report.

Officer Anthony Bath noted the apparent thief forced his or her way into the victim’s home by busting open a back door.

Bath also located fingerprints on a speaker. He tagged the fingerprints and submitted this evidence to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Among the items taken: About 50 $1 coins, a 65-inch flat-screen TV, PlayStation 3 with two wireless controllers and about 15 to 20 games, compound bow, remote control car and a drill.

Bath also wrote this pooch, or another one looking like it, wasn’t taken to the Erie County Dog Pound anytime after 7 p.m. The door was left open following the crime, so it's possible the dog ran outside and is missing, not stolen.

If you have any information about this case, contact Sandusky police at 419-627-5863.



The owners need to act immediately--post photos and share on Facebook, place an ad in the paper, post signs on street corners, and post an update to this article with a photo. Also, get photos to the Humane Society and Eric Co. Dog Pound, as well as local vet offices.

Here is the Lost Pet Checklist they can follow:

Lost Pet Checklist

________ Check the immediate area calling your pet’s name. Check sheds, crawlspaces, garages etc.

________ Talk to neighbors in the area. Let them know your pet is missing. Give them numbers where you can be reached.

________ Make business cards on your computer with your pet’s picture and your phone number on them. Hand them out to people in the area. They’re more likely to keep a small card rather than a poster.

________ Make posters (preferably with your pet’s picture) and post them in the area.

Also post them in convenience stores, pet stores and the pet food aisle of grocery stores. (Ask permission first and be sure to remove the posters when your pet is located).

________ Place an ad in your local newspaper.

________ Go to your local animal shelter and make a lost pet report. Visit the shelter at least twice week. Contact veterinarians.

________ Talk to the local delivery people, mail men, oil companies, electric companies and ask them to keep an eye out for the dog, give them one of those business cards with the dog’s picture on it. Seek out every child in the neighborhood (kids always know where the dogs are on the street) and give them a flyer or business card with your number. Post one at the school and playgrounds.

________ Think like a dog. What does she like? Where would she be most likely to head? Is there another house/yard in the neighborhood similar to yours? She might be there. If she's crossed a street, she might have a visual barrier preventing her (in her mind) from returning. Follow the lay of the land – which way would you be most likely to go if you were she? Put one of your other dogs on a leash and see which way it's inclined to head for a general idea.

________ Make a large poster of your lost pet. Tape the poster to the back and sides of your vehicle.

________If your pet is a specific breed, contact breeders or breed rescue groups in your area.

Don’t give up!!


Here are tips for making flyers:

Making flyers to spread the word about your Lost Pet

* Place at eye level (bike riders, car drivers, and walkers)

* Bring duct tape and a staple gun

* About 90 percent of pets are found within a 2-mile radius of the point where they were lost so this should be a main target zone for hanging flyers.

* Grocery stores, community centers, veterinary offices, traffic intersections, Laundromats, pizza parlors, Walmart/Kmart/etc., pet stores, health food store, shopping centers, gas stations, post offices, beauty salons, churches, convenience stores, etc.


* Do not specify amount of reward

* Posting that your animal needs medical attention on the "lost animal" flyer can solicit a more diligent response from neighbors who may encounter your animal. It can also deter somebody who may be inclined to keep your animal.

* You may want to put on your flyer a small notation that you will be picking up the flyers when your pet is found, and DO SO! This helps keep public relations on a positive note for the next person who may want to post a flyer, and may mean that your flyer stays up a bit longer. Keep rechecking where you have posted them and post again if necessary.


1. Make them GIANT so that people driving by cannot miss them.

2. Make them FLUORESCENT so that the color attracts the attention of everyone.

3. Put them at major intersections near where you lost your pet (and in areas of sightings).

4. Keep them BRIEF and to the point.

5. Let them convey a VISUAL IMAGE of what you have lost.

Items Needed:

At least 10 giant (28" X 22") fluorescent orange poster boards; 2 large black permanent markers (do not buy water soluble markers); 10 sheet protectors; duct tape; and 10 flyers with color photo of your lost pet.

Creating the Posters:

Use giant (28" X 22") fluorescent orange poster board available at most office supply stores. The size and fluorescent color will attract the eye of everyone who drives by. This is your goal! You will hang this vertically (not horizontally). At the very top, in 5-inch black letters, print the word REWARD. At the very bottom, in 5-inch black letters, print the words LOST DOG. In the center of the poster, use clear packing tape to secure a plastic sheet protector. This is where you will slip in your FLYER and then seal the top portion with more tape to protect it from weather.


* Bring duct tape and a staple gun. Thats what I tell all my dates!


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How does he know if the dog was taken? Could've just ran off.


I hope the dog is found and reunited w/ owner.