PB&J, pit bull wreak havoc on SUV

Wily kid tosses sandwich on vehicle, dog claws it up while clambering for bite
Courtney Astolfi
May 31, 2014


A Warren Street woman found her Chevy HHR all scratched and scuffed Thursday evening.

Sandusky police investigated and identified the alleged suspects: a scrumptious PB&J, a ravenous pit bull and a wily neighbor kid. The woman told police that her children watched as a 6-year-old neighbor child tossed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on her windshield around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, according to a police report.

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Next thing they knew, the neighbor's pet dog was clawing at the vehicle's front end, trying to get a bite. Officers analyzed forensic evidence left at the scene—that is, they spotted fresh jelly on the windshield, consistent with the kids' story, the report said.

Officers knocked on the dog owner's door and though they heard barking and saw a car in the driveway, no one answered. The woman was left with heavy claw marks all along her vehicle, but it appears the dog walked away with a full belly, as there was no sandwich in sight.



This is exactly why pit bulls (and many other breeds) get a bad rap--their owners are irresponsible, colossal jerks.


Civil Suit? Who pays to fix her car? How bad are the claw marks?


New car should have full insurance, let them deal with it! Much easier!


Newer car should have full insurance, let them deal with it! Much easier!

Stop It

That is funny. One can't make that stuff up. :)


Not for the lady with the damaged car


Probably one of them freebie people they don't have no money


I'm interested in the concept of 'freebie' people, not criticizing your opinion or saying you're wrong, I've never heard that concept before. What are freebie people?


One in the head
Two in the chest
Will put your pitbull problems to rest

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Works every time

Stop It

One in the head to kill a christian dead. Just gotta aim.

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Please never own a gun, You give gun owners a bad name. Stick to religion and blathering about hating others.

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@Holysee and Thinkagain...I have a half beagle/black lab mix and he would have done just as much damage if not worse knowing he might get that sandwich in the end. Your hatred of one breed of dog shows exactly the fake Christian attitude in which you live by.


If a pbj can send this dog into a frenzy, it needs to be put down... as in right now.

What if your kid was outside eating a pbj...

Think it through for pity sakes...


when a dog encounters something... the first thing it does is try to eat it... if it can't, it then trues to fornicate with it... if it cant... it just tears it up.


That's why they call 'em dogs.

Stop It

Yeah, and they go to places with crosses on the steeples.


It's a dog.
I don't believe it intended to damage the vehicle.
Anybody can have a baby & anybody can have a dog.... How it is raised makes all the difference.
Monkey See .... Monkey Do.


holysee holydoo


Did you ever think maybe the dog was hungry and hadn't been fed. Of course, when it saw food it was going to try to get to it. Don't blame the dog it was doing what comes natural.


Exactly. Hungry dog, not properly restrained, allowed to run loose, 6 year-old kid running around unsupervised, no one answering the door....it all points to loser owners. But the dog gets blamed.


Surprised no one videoed this and made it into a Vine.