Brothers accused of assaulting uncle

Man says nephews jumped him, broke his nose after he refused to drink with them
Courtney Astolfi
May 13, 2014


A pair of Sandusky brothers are facing felony charges for allegedly breaking their uncle’s nose last week when he refused to drink with them.

Calvin Churchwell, 38, and Racharde Brown, 32, both of the 1300 block of Wamajo Drive, were each charged with felonious assault. Churchwell later turned himself in on the charge, but Brown has yet to be located.

Sandusky police officers were called to a home in the 1300 block of Pierce Street Thursday evening to find an extremely agitated Richard Churchwell, 54, walking down the driveway.

Not knowing what the issue was, officers told Richard to calm down—but he continued cursing, punted a plastic trash can and flipped a picnic table over.

Richard was later charged with persistent disorderly conduct intoxicated and resisting arrest for the incident. While in custody, he told officers his nephews—Calvin Churchwell and Racharde Brown—had punched and kicked him in the face multiple times, according to a police report.

“Richard advised he was so upset because he got assaulted and he cannot breathe from his nose,” the report stated.

Officers took Richard to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment. When he stopped at the police station the following morning, he told officers hospital staff had diagnosed him with a broken nose and broken facial bone, the report said.

Richard later said the brothers were already drinking in his mother’s backyard when he arrived home after work, the report said.

“He said they were upset because he did not want to drink with them. He tried to walk away from them, but they followed him a short ways and jumped him” Richard told police.

A second relative did not witness the altercation, but said he did hear Brown, Calvin and Richard arguing outside.

Richard said it wasn’t the first time his nephews had jumped him, the report said.

Officers authorized charges, but Calvin turned himself in before they had a chance to locate him. Brown, meanwhile, was not at his Wamajo Drive home when officers went to serve him the charge. A warrant has now been issued for his arrest.



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