Mom arrested after daughter’s fight

She allegedly said, “get her, get her, beat her (expletive) baby” during the tussle.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 24, 2014


A Sandusky mother was arrested Monday afternoon for allegedly trying to arm her daughter with a hammer during a fight.

Shamorra Brown, 30, 2000 block Parkview Blvd., was charged with disorderly conduct and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Brown’s 14-year-old daughter, a 16-year-old Seavers Way girl and 17-year-old Campbell Street girl were also each charged with disorderly conduct fighting.

A resident reported women fighting on Parkview Boulevard to Sandusky police around 4 p.m. When officers arrived a short while later, Brown and her daughter were retreating into their home while the two other teens were leaving the area, according to a police report.

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The teens said Brown’s daughter had been taunting them to fight all day. When they walked by the girl’s house, she ran outside and began attacking them, the report said.

Brown allegedly said, “get her, get her, beat her (expletive) baby” during the tussle. At one point, she ran inside and emerged holding a small black and pink hammer.

A witness who did not want to be identified said Brown was trying to get her daughter to use the hammer during the fight, the report said.

Brown was held without bond, as officers had already arrested Brown for disorderly conduct fighting earlier in the day, the report said.



This has to stop. I am shocked at what has happened to Sandusky. A black and pink hammer??


I know! Black and pink is SOOOOOOO 2012!

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Mother is aged 30, subtract that from daughter is aged 14...

Oh, that explains it.




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Great role model.


right or wrong, she stands by her family. that's a admirable quality..


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Bottom Line

Come on guys. Don't be so mean. This could have just as likely happened to "another" mother who lived in a nicer part of town who didn't have a baby at 16. Just ask all the people who completely refuse to acknowledge facts like big dog, deertracker, and sandtown.


Are you serious? I have 2 children and would never hand them a pink hammer.


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Bottom Line

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Smdh... This is exactly why our youth act the way they do, children only know what they are taught.. great example from mom of the year right here. Shame on parents that encourage handling problems in this manner.


So arrested twice in one day for disorderly conduct. I would think our fine judge will give her the maximum sentence. Maybe the Register could follow this story and let us readers/voters know what she gets. So we can know when voting for judges. Get rid of the revolving door ones we have now that just want to keep themselves and their attorney friends employed. Not putting scum away and actually keeping our streets safe.


oh, by the way, we are not crackers. We are now American Saltines.


3/4ths of all your comments on this site are race baited although the subject is about a woman that has done something disfunctional. This is a sure sign some of you are racist. This is America so stand up if your racist but don't try to hide it or take everyone else's time saying your not.


Shammorra, shame on you, you are teaching your child to be violent, she may end up in jail in the future. You & your child should go to anger management classes. I'm hoping your love for her includes doing the best for her, she can be better than you have been, actually so can you...


And Babo thinks the income tax is what's keeping educated, employed people from moving to Sandusky...