Girls arrested in hospital disturbance

Six girls were arrested Sunday night for running amok in the halls of Firelands Regional Medical Center.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 15, 2014


A 15-year old Harrison Street girl, 14-year-old West Osborne Street girl, 13-year-old Tiffin Avenue girl, 12-year-old Center Street girl, 15-year-old West Parish Street girl and 15-year-old Franklin Street girl were each charged with one count of criminal trespassing.

The group entered the emergency room at about 8:30 p.m. and headed toward the hospital’s main entrance, according to a Sandusky police report. Firelands security staff went to intercept the group, with some splitting off and heading toward the labor and delivery floor.

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Staff closed in on the girls on the second floor, but the group fled. They hid in a women’s bathroom until enough security guards were able to round them up and stand by as Sandusky police officers arrived, the report said.

One girl claimed they were there to visit her grandfather, John Pickens, but hospital staff found that no one by that name was a current patient. Security staff told Sandusky officers they’ve had a rash of juveniles roaming the facility and committing subsequent thefts before fleeing, the report said. The girls were arrested and taken to the Erie County Detention Home.


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I hope their sentence would be to volunteer at the hospital.


While that sounds good, not sure I would want these delinquent thieves volunteering at the hospital. While with a family member on a recent stay there was a few kids in the vending area by the cafeteria. They were begging money off anyone that would walk in, cussing, being obnoxious and just plain unruly. An older lady told them to behave or leave , they then turned their hijinks towards her. My brother then stepped in and told them to leave. They proceeded to boohoo and cry how they were going to call the cops on him for being mean and yelling at them! Kids today have no couth, respect or dignity.


and neither do their parents, I imagine.

From the Grave

Is that ALL kids? Really? That's no better than saying that one race or another has no couth, respect, or dignity.


Well, ok. Let me rephrase.....between my personal experience and reading the articles in the SR ALOT of kids have no couth, respect, or dignity.


I can understand wanting them to do community service of some type so that they are having to give back but unfortunately I don't think they would learn any thing - especially respect towards their elders - because I have a feeling it's not anything that they've ever been taught. If you look at kids that are doing things like this and their home life, more than likely their parents couldn't care less if they treat people this way have no respect for elders themselves. My mom always said you can't teach a child to do something in a few hours what isn't shown to them 24/7 at home.


Should've tased them.


Is this the same crew that was running amok in that apartment house about a year ago?


These girls need to get a hobby...with their parents. Wth???


8Ball, I think they are the same ones... don't worry soon they will have children and baby daddies to worry about!


Find the parents , have the parents & kids pick up trash together, guess what, I bet the parents will keep a better handle on them then.