Woman drives car into toll booth gate

A Cedar Point chaussee resident was arrested Monday for drunkenly ramming her Lexus into a toll booth gate, according to a Sandusky police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 9, 2014


Leslie Cantelli, 51, 1800 block Cedar Point Road, was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence and failure to control.

Cantelli pulled up to a toll booth just after midnight so she could continue on to her chaussee home. When she wasn’t able to slide her key card into the machine, she drove her vehicle straight into the gate, the report said.

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“I can’t get through this (expletive) gate” a Cedar Point police officer overheard Cantelli say.

Cantelli said she’d only had two drinks at The 800 Club, according to the report, but she failed field sobriety tests. Once in the cruiser, Cantelli yelled and screamed.

A sober person later took responsibility for her, and she was released.



When I saw the headline I already knew who this was going to be about!

The only surprise is that she could find one of her friends still sober at that time of night.

Dwight K.

Oh those rich people....


They are not rich. It's public record that they filed bancruptcy. I was surprised to see they have not been evicted from that house yet.


having a nice address does not a smart person make.


Two drinks? Yea right!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!


Could be...if they were in 32 oz. cups ;)


BladderBuster sized Long Island Iced Tea for me!!!!

Little Giant

Maybe she used a pint mug for a shot glass?


Now Now..... Perhaps this person has some issues to address. Perhaps this is an opportunity to seek and find some help.

Locoboriqua1970's picture

Really you can justify her actions by saying she had issues? Hell we all have issues let's all get hammered and run something over our better yet kill someone in a accident, because we have issues!!!! Give me a break... lock her up with the rest of the drunks.


Yes she does have issues....she DRIVES DRUNK. She is not responsible enough to know to call a cab or friend to come and get her. She could have HIT another car and killed someone.


Having money just stresses you out!


Stress is not caused by money or lack of money. Stress is caused when your life becomes unmanageable and you are unable to accept things the way they are.


I don't agree Lack of money can cause lots of stress for certain people. Also, your life does not have to be unmanageable to have stress. Circumstances out of your control can cause stress. It is all how you react to things. You can let things roll off or they can bother you. I had neighbors who don't pay their bills, have filed bankruptcy three times, let their house go into foreclosure and you would never know it by they way they acted. Like they owned the world. Then there are people who stress if everything isn't in perfect order. Depends on the person.


"Cedar Point chaussee resident" What is the zip code of "Cedar Point chaussee"?




I wonder if she was expecting special treatment?


She can use her key card on the jail cell! LOL


Probably had her nose to far up in the air to see the key card slot!


I'm only asking this out of curiosity, but isn't Cedar Point Rd. and the CP causeway private property, owned by Cedar Fair? If so, how can she be arrested and cited for OVI by SPD?


Private property is not exempt. You can be arrested for DUI if you are sleeping in the drivers seat in your driveway with your keys in the ignition and the engine off.


I know you're right about that, but I was once involved in and accident on the chaussee and no one was cited because the police told us it was private property. Also, I've seen your numerous IGNORANT posts on here and would appreciate you NEVER responding to anything else I have to say on here. Thank you, yomomma.

There you go again

No need to get so ugly, gees!


People in his town get pulled over for DWI and for making poor choices daily. So why is it that Mrs. Cantelli's name makes the news? Even though she made a mistake, this is unfair to her and her family.


Oh, I knew it was a matter of time before the friends signed on to tell us all how great she is, and how "everybody makes mistakes" and "nobody is perfect".

It is not a mistake to drive drunk!! It is a choice! You choose to drink, than you choose a DD, or you choose the taxi to give you a ride.

One look at her Facebook and you see her bragging about getting drunk in every post, pictures of her partying, jokes about being drunk.

She drove through a GATE, she yelled and screamed after getting thrown in the back seat! Those are red flags in a police report that will get your name in the paper!

She should have thought about her son and daughter, and husbands business before she DROVE DRUNK!


I do not know Mrs. Cantelli, but i do know what is news.


Oh, please. Excuses, excuses. She "might have issues." She's a good person! This isn't news! Blah, blah, blah. The bottom line: The bimbo got drunk and then got behind the wheel. Luckily, she took out a gate instead of a human being!

I don't care what her IQ or educational background might be. That was really, really STUPID. I don't care whether she's a nice person or not. She's obviously a 8ITCH when she drinks! I don't care if "everybody makes mistakes." Sure, we all do, but not all of us make mistakes with the potential to KILL other people!

And the worst of all: Maybe now she'll seek treatment! Poor thing! Boo hoo! Whatever. She can get counseling, treatment, join AA, or anything else she'd like. AFTER she serves her sentence.


Where was her HUSBAND?


It wasn't his night.