Wine thief thought wrong

Her rationale for stealing, according to the report: “I thought I could get away with it.”
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 7, 2014


An intoxicated woman apparently hadn’t had her fill of wine when she visited Kroger on Perkins Avenue on Friday.

Employees witnessed Sandra Corte, 63, of the 6000 block of Milan Road, placing pouches of Vendange wine in her purse at about 1:45 p.m., according to a Perkins police report.

Officers were summoned to the scene and discovered three of the pouches in her purse, one in her coat pocket and another behind a nearby garbage can, according to the report. The five pouches are valued at about $20 total.

While searching Corte’s purse, police found $200 in cash.

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Her rationale for stealing, according to the report: “I thought I could get away with it.” Her blood alcohol content was already .120 percent, according to the report.

In the report, police said they could smell alcohol while speaking with Corte and she was unsteady on her feet.

Police charged Corte with theft and disorderly conduct while intoxicated. They transported her to the Perkins Police Department, where they released her to her daughter.



She looks happy.

BULLISDEEP's picture

Pouches of wine? I know I'm not a wine drinker but since when does wine come in baggies? I've seen them in little bottles at Walmart - kind of hard to miss that huge box in the center of the floor - but a bag of wine is a new one. She doesn't look like she cares to much that she's just been busted for anything though


She must have gotten the booking officer who tells jokes to try to make you smile for the camera!


I wonder how she got there.

Julie R.

I don't know anything about wine, either, but since when does wine come in pouches? Also, why is this woman smiling in her mug shot? One would think at her age she would be burying her head in shame. I'll bet if she has any grandchildren they are!


I agree Julie R and I can't support this immature, wreckless and diabolical mindset of this unfit individual. She's a deviant in our city. Probably not her first time either.

Ralph J.

Wine does come in pouches. She sure does look happy unlike others who get real mean and want to fight.


how about you go rob a bank? you might get away with that also


it is sad the lacs of compassion of people

I understand the disease it is horrible very little help out there all criticism no compassion and understandingI wish more people would look in a mirror and believe in a higher power


What disease, kleptomania?


yes alcoholism is a serious disease I know I see the person I love dieall the people to go to compassion I hope never happens in your familygod bless


Alcoholism is a CHOICE, not a disease. A disease is something like a 5 year old with brain cancer. A 45 year old mother with breast cancer that will never see her children grow up. When you CHOOSE to drink yourself to death, that is a CHOICE you control. I have no sympathy for anyone like that.

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No compassion huh? You could knock me over with a feather. Who would’ve thunk it?


this story isnt about gays or fairy tale saviors. what is fred phelps doing here?


For a drunk that looks please with herself...nope. Don't you have a book to thump?

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An honest thief?


she should come to the cellar with me. i have a whole cask of the finest amontillado..


ALCOHOLISM is considered a disease, as other addictions are, please go watch Between the Lines where Joe Supina discusses this.


Thank you Sugar!!!! Any person with HALF a brain could open a medical book and find a slew of information on why and how alcoholism is a DISEASE!!!!! It's no different than depression!!! To say that someone who is already an alcoholic has a "choice" to drink or not, Is like saying a person with depression can choose whether to be depressed or not!!!! All these wannabe know it alls in here all the time! Pick up a medical book or look on the Internet before you go spouting off your obvious ignorance people!!!!


To enlighten you just a little bit ladydye_5, because I know you may have trouble finding a reference on your own, I took the time to just go ahead and find you this quick definition of alcoholism from the Mayo Clinic. Please educate yourself in the future before you make such misinformed comments!


I agree with ladydye_5 and I wouldn't care what the mayo clinic says. People at the Mayo Clinic make money telling you something is wrong. You have a choice and you can get help instead of stealing booze! Stop opening the door for robbers, murders and molesters to justify that it's a disease. Information exist that the crimes in our community are due to a gene, etc... Mumbo jumbo! A CRIME IS A CRIME.


I never said that a crime isn't a crime, or that her actions are justifiable because she drinks alcohol. I personally think she deserved to be arrested and should get help, BUT the main point here, is that alcoholism IS A DISEASE!!!! And it doesn't matter if it comes from the Mayo Clinic or the Tooth Fairy, but I'm 1000% sure that all of the medical literature in the world wouldn't lie to us!!!! It is a disease, one that I have personally seen destroy people's lives...heck, my own sperm donor is an alcoholic, and because of that, I haven't ever wanted him in my life because he is so worthless!!! But, I also have a medical background and know when people just spew ignorance!! That was my point!


Yes, I know the addictive personality. Addiction is a disease. Alcoholism is a disease. Being addicted to heroin is a disease. I get it. I don't care. I will not compare a 5 year old child with brain cancer to someone that CHOOSES TO DRINK or CHOOSES to stick a needle in their arm. You can cite medical websites all day. You can shove medical literature at me all you want. To me personally it does not compare. Something you can choose to do is not the same as cancer. As a child born with Type I diabetes, as someone with MS, or Lou Gehrig's. It just does not even come close. Yes I have known alcoholics too. I have seen what it does. I know worthless drunks. It was their choice to do it.

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Take me drunk I'm home again. I ain't as think as you drunk I am.


This is my aunt. She used to quote the Bible all of the time. Well here's one for you Aunt Sandy, Thou Shalt Not Steal....


She's a piece of trash!