Man, grandmother team up against his girlfriend

While still investigating the situation, deputies cited a man, 77, for visiting the McDonald’s drive-through window while drinking a large can of beer.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 17, 2014


McDonald’s on Ohio 101 attracted a troublesome crowd Saturday morning, with Erie County Sheriff’s deputies responding to two unrelated incidents within minutes.

First, a fight broke out in the parking lot at about 11:30 a.m. between a girlfriend, 23, of Sandusky, boyfriend, 28, of Alabama, and his grandmother, 79, of Sandusky. Bystanders broke up the brawl before deputies arrived, and no one involved wanted to pursue criminal charges over it.

During the altercation, the grandmother repeatedly slammed the car door on her grandson’s girlfriend, she and McDonald’s employees said in the report.

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The boyfriend and girlfriend were arguing after eating their meal, so she retreated to the restroom, she said in the report. The boyfriend followed her inside, grabbed her purse and took off to the car. He and his grandmother wouldn’t let her retrieve the purse.

The girlfriend said the grandmother initiated the physical violence by pulling her hair.

The grandmother, meanwhile, alleged the girlfriend pulled her hair during the argument, inciting the brawl.

While still investigating the situation, deputies cited a man, 77, for visiting the McDonald’s drive-through window while drinking a large can of beer.

Harold Schmardebeck, of Lakeside-Marblehead, placed his order while sipping from a 24-ounce can of beer, employees told deputies. Deputies flagged down Schmardebeck and placed him in their cruiser while they finished responding to the three-way fight.

Moments later, they cited Schmardebeck with having an open container in a motor vehicle. They disposed of his drink in a parking lot trash can and let him drive home, because he was under the legal limit for blood-alcohol content while driving.


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The limit need to be changed to 0.

Peninsula Pundit

That is just unrealistic.
For example, you will show a bac after using mouthwash.

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It is possible, but highly unlikely since most officers have to wait a mandatory 15-30 minutes before administering a breathalyzer after suspicion has been detected.


Harold, you'd better stay in Marblehead and grandma, let your sissy grandson fight his own battles.


So, why did they put Harold's name in the register, but left out the names of grandma, grandson and girlfriend??? Somehow don't seem fair to Harold.


Open container? And no charges for the others?