Woman harassed over nonexistent fridge

A Perkins Township woman filed a police report Tuesday after a caller claiming to be with ABC Warehouse threatened to show up at her door just a few minutes before her doorbell rang.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 7, 2014


On Monday evening, the Stonyridge Drive woman received a phone call from an unknown woman asking about a refrigerator charged to her credit card, according to a Perkins police report.

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After the woman said she had no such appliance on her card, she told the caller to stop contacting her. Again, the caller rang. She said she was coming to search the woman’s home for the refrigerator, the report said.

A short while later, the woman’s doorbell buzzed twice within five minutes, but she didn’t open the door.

The mysterious woman then called back again, laughing. She said she knew everything about the woman and was calling from ABC Warehouse, the report said.



What the???????


yeah, where's the rest of the story?


I don't answer my phone unless I know who's calling, if its important they'll leave a message. Why would you keep answering your phone?


Sounds more like a rental contract gone bad.

From the Grave

It's funny that "fridge" has a "d" in it, but "refrigerator" doesn't...


hey, you got it right!

JMOP's picture

Psycho lady. I wouldn't open my door either.

Good 2 B Me

You can't make this stuff up!


I'll be dam-Ned if someones gonna call and harrass me, then show up on my doorstep, they will be kissing a barrel of a 45 in there face! They had better bring the cops!

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The Hero Zone

Why even open the door? I believe a certain Vice President recommended that we all buy shotguns and just fire them THROUGH the door. If only I could remember which recent Vice President said such a thing...

Darwin's choice

Was it this fellow.....?????


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The Hero Zone

NO WAY! It was HIM this whole time?! You mean our current Vice President - not evil-incarnate Dick Cheney - would prefer blowing people away through doors with shotguns? Now come on, Darwin's, are you sure this isn't some CONservative teathuglican deflection?

(Ok, sarcasm over, I can't keep a straight face any more and part of humor is knowing when to quit after a point was made. Thanks for stepping up as a wingman here. I'm still waiting on Contango to "call on me" in another story to answer the question he posed.)


Identity theft?