Burglar smells like trouble

Intruder’s odor awakens couple during break-in.
Shawn Foucher
Feb 4, 2014


Her husband asleep beside her, and her infant in a bedroom nearby, a Parkland Boulevard woman was jolted awake Monday morning by a noise and a strange odor.

The alleged culprit: Jeffrey Knox, 37, of Collins, who was charged with burglary.

Vermilion police arrested Knox shortly after the husband and wife chased him out of their home at about 2:15 a.m.

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The homeowners told police they were asleep in their bedroom, their 10-month-old child sleeping in an adjacent room, when the wife woke up after hearing something and smelling “a strange odor” police said.

The woman jostled her husband awake and told him to turn on the light and check the room.

“The husband turned on the bedroom light and they found an intruder crouched down on the floor at the foot of the bed” police stated in a release. “The husband kicked the intruder and they began yelling at him to get out of their house.”

After the husband escorted the man out of the house, he called Vermilion police, who quickly set up a perimeter. They spotted Knox exiting from between some houses, headed toward the road, police said.

The homeowners positively identified him as the suspect.

Knox had gained entry to the homeowners’ unlocked car in the driveway, and he found the house keys inside the vehicle, police said. He used the keys to enter the home through the front door, and he “was crawling across the bedroom floor in front of the bed when the victims were awoken and confronted him.”

Knox remains in the Lorain County jail on $15,000 bond. He told police he’d been drinking at a Super Bowl party earlier in the night and he mistook the victims’ home for his friend’s home.

Stated police: “Knox did not have an explanation on entering the vehicle and using the keys to enter the house, or why he was on the floor of the bedroom.”



too bad the coroner wasn't the one who escorted him out of their house


A stranger odor? Like BO? or Alcohol? Puke? Must have been pretty bad for her to smell it half asleep.


The house keys were in their car? Oh boy.


I hate stranger odors! (LOL) Yeah really, who leaves their house keys in their car anymore? First rule of security: lock everything up and keep your keys with you at all times. And get a burglar alarm. Or a shotgun. Or some Lysol spray.

loco resident

Or all three.


So what was the order???


I haven't locked my door when I am home in 20 years. And I hope I catch a man in my house at night . it will give me a chance to relieve some of this built up stress.


This is not his first home invasion, why is he not in jail for using a ladder and climbing into a girls bedroom? Just trouble since he was a small boy. LOCK HIM UP!