Eight men arrested after fight in Kalahari parking lot

Six on two hardly seems fair.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 15, 2014


Eight men were arrested in the Kalahari Resorts parking lot at about 2 a.m. Monday during a six-on-two fist-fight.

Mark Lorenz, 30, and Andrew Herron, 26, both of Uhrichsville, Ohio, told Erie County deputies six Cleveland men jumped them in the parking lot and demanded their money, with one of the men pulling out a handgun.

The six men — Dayvid Ware, 18, Damon Wheat, 18, Beonte Anglen, 19, James Buford, 22, Darnell Phillips, 18, and William Anglen, 21— told a different story. They said Lorenz and Herron called them racial slurs when they refused the men a ride to a gas station and the argument quickly escalated, according to a deputy’s report.

No gun was found in the parking lot or in the men’s car, but William Anglen had an outstanding Cleveland police warrant for failing to appear on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Anglen was taken to the Erie County jail. The others were cited for disorderly conduct and released.



What's going on over there??? This place is getting a bad rap recently. Lots of fights underage parties and drinking and such. Becoming a place not to go. Maybe hire some cops to patrol special on the weekend???


anyone that visits this place either has way too much time on their hands, is easily amused by african decor or loves to waste money. everything is overpriced and specifically geared to separate you from your hard-earned funds. it's a glorified waterpark with various shops designed to get you to spend, spend, spend so that Todd Nelson can take more trips to Africa and live in a mansion. the employees down in the bowels of this beast are treated like prisoners and encouraged NOT to take breaks. please do not frequent this establishment. and yes, there is crime there often. when you mix out of town criminals and alcohol, generally there is a bad outcome.


Unassumer nailed it. My thoughts exactly.




"it's a glorified waterpark with various shops designed to get you to spend, spend, spend"

Exactly - the base price for a room is a loss leader, and the business model depends upon guests making lots of overpriced impulse purchases while there. Thus, their bread and butter are people with poor judgement.


Agreed! That place brought a lot of the crime to the area.


Regarding the frequency of violent behavior, if this was an establishment in Sandusky, residents and officials would be discussing to pull the liquor license and shut it down.


While I agree to what everyone is saying I also look at other points. How many people go here in a week? Or how many in a year? There are thousands of people come to visit this place. When you have that many people you are bound to have some trouble. If someone pee's in the parking lot there it hits the paper. Unlike Cedar Point. I have seen several times things happen and never one thing in the paper about it. If Kalahari needs to hire police for the weekends then they better do it. Take it for what its worth but this place is another cash cow for Erie County and Huron Twp. We can't afford to lose any more business.


Brothers won't fight one on one...gotta be in numbers !


Don't you know that's how you was born. Ask you mom.

Darwin's choice

Thug life expert.


I have personally seen a few fights at Kalahari. While I don't excuse all of the stupidity that walks through those doors you do need to realize that the amount of people on that property at any given time is very high, when you have that many people you are bound to have problems. Kalahari does have a dedicated security staff in a lot of the main areas, and do act as door checks for the bar when needed to try and prevent issues.

As for the way it is setup, it is just like any other resort in the world. They are there to be a one-stop destination for you and your family to enjoy, while they make money providing services that you wouldn't otherwise use or take part in. Disney, Universal and even Vegas are the EXACT same way, if not worse.

The benefits far outweigh the negatives.

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swiss cheese kat

What benefits?

From the Grave

"Six on two hardly seems fair"
Is this and editorial piece?


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