Man charged with misuse of 911 after domestic incident

A Sandusky man landed criminal charges Friday after he interrupted his live-in girlfriend’s private time, provoking an argument that escalated into biting and brawls between him, the woman and her 27-year-old daughter.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 13, 2014


Timothy Barnhart, 54, allegedly walked in on his girlfriend, 48, while she was playing with sex toys, igniting an argument, according to a Sandusky police report. When he asked her if he was “not good enough anymore” they began fighting, and she allegedly bit him in the upper right arm.

The woman called her daughter to pick her up. When the daughter entered the home, she began choking Barnhart, he said. The pair then left the home.

Shortly before midnight, police arrived at Barnhart’s home in the 300 block of W. Water St., where he said he would like to file criminal charges against his girlfriend’s daughter, according to the report.

Police contacted the woman and her daughter, who said Barnhart hadn’t allowed his girlfriend to leave the home for the past couple of days, despite their continued arguments. Barnhart was barricading the door and wouldn’t allow her daughter to enter the home, so she pushed him, she said.

Because of conflicting stories, police told the group to just remain separated and they could not file any charges.

A short time later, Barnhart called 911 dispatchers three times, demanding to speak with police again to file charges regarding the matter.

Because he was not experiencing an imminent emergency, police charged Barnhart with misuse of 911.

No further charges have been filed regarding the incident.



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That's BS. If this were reversed and he was choking and biting her it would have been a MUCH more serious matter. The cops would have been lauded as heroes. Domestic Violence works both ways.


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