Footprints in snow foil cigarette thief

Police arrested two teens Tuesday morning after tracking a cigarette thief by following his footprints in the snow.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 2, 2014


A Central Avenue resident called Sandusky police after two packs of her Marlboro mint 100s went missing from her back porch while she was getting ready for work.

Officers followed the strange footprints in her backyard to a home on Decatur Street, where they knocked on the door and a woman allowed them inside.

Police questioned four teens inside the home and examined their shoes, matching one pair belonging to a 17-year-old boy to the footprints in the Central Avenue yard.

Officers charged the teen with burglary and theft, and a 14-year-old boy in the house was charged with obstructing official business for lying about who owned the shoes.

Both boys were taken to the juvenile detention center.



Felony over smokes....worth it?


Idiots! Cigarettes aren't the issue. They broke into some woman's house while she was apparently completely unsuspecting! If she'd caught them, would she have known that was all they wanted? Or would she have reacted in (understandable) fear and/or panic?

The kid's lucky he's being charged with burglary instead of having been shot or something!


Agreed. My comment was meant as a "wow how stupid do you have to be to risk that much for smokes" thing. Hope you don't think I'm siding with the thug here.


No, not for a minute. But when you asked if it was worth it, it made me think of all of the people who've posted on these blogs that have said in no uncertain terms that they'd shoot if they caught a home invader. Not that I blame them, but that's a pretty serious "punishment" for stealing something as paltry as cigarettes! Unfortunately, while you or I might think of such possible consequences, morons who do something like that and then leave footprints leading directly to their own doorstep probably didn't think much past, "Ugh! Me see smokes. Me go get!"