Five boys arrested during early-morning joyride

Five boys were hauled to the Erie County Detention Home following a 4 a.m. joyride without headlights Sunday, according to a police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 3, 2013


A 13-year-old Wayne Street boy was charged with no driver’s license, no headlights and a curfew violation. The others — 10- and 12-year-old West Parish Street boys, a 16-year-old East Larchmont Drive boy and a 15-year-old Virginia boy — were charged with curfew violation.

A Sandusky officer was cruising south on Columbus Avenue Sunday morning when he passed a Honda Odyssey driven by a boy who could barely see over the steering wheel, according to a police report.

The officer promptly stopped the vehicle, and the driver said he was 18 years old. After a moment, however, he admitted he was actually 13 years old, the report said.

The boy said he’d taken his aunt’s vehicle without her permission because “he and his friends just wanted to go for a drive” the report said.

The boy’s aunt declined filing additional charges, the report said.



Maybe the aunt should have filed charges. She is only allowing him to learn there are NO consequences. Teach him a lesson now, or continue to allow him to do whatever he pleases. I am sure the cop knew he was not "18". 5 years is a pretty big jump to try and "fake", especially if he could barely see over the steering wheel.



No Wake

The aunt declined to file -additional- charges, the driver was already charged with no license, curfew and no headlights.


He is going to be in court on three charges. He might not get his DL until he is 18. I would say he will know of consequences. Would charging him with Grand Theft Auto really help straighten him out? Did you never do anything stupid as a young teenager? Do whatever he pleases? I am going to assume (and pray) that you are not a parent.




Yes I did stupid things. I was not a CRIMINAL. I never STOLE a vehicle. I am a parent. TWIN 16 year olds, they have never been arrested, never been brought home by the cops and honor roll students. OH NO, no license till he is 18, what a slap on the wrist. Hope he learns a lesson. That will teach him. He already doesn't abide by the rules you really think that a judge telling him not to do it will stop him? What would YOU say if he had HIT someone, KILLED someone in a car wreck? Killed one of his friends in the car with him?


Again +1