Teens found dead

OTTAWA, Ohio — Authorities in northwest Ohio say two of three teenage boys named in an Amber Alert were found dead after the third teen was located several counties away and told authorities where the bodies were.
Associated Press
May 10, 2013


Ottawa police said the Thursday morning alert about two missing 17-year-old boys and a missing 14-year-old boy was issued after a mother returned to a Putnam County trailer home and found a crime scene. Police and the sheriff released no details about that scene, the bodies or where they were later found. Autopsies were planned.

Investigators said one of the 17-year-old boys and a missing silver car were found in Columbus, about 90 miles southeast of Ottawa. Authorities say that teen was detained and pointed them to the bodies.
There was no immediate word on charges.
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AMBERT ALERT, well no questions? Of the 113 miles, all the city police, township police, sheriff police, state highway patrol, FBI, Homeland security, ALL the License PLATE readers (cameras), 2 and a 1/2 hour travel time. They knew where the car was, WHY did the law wait till children were DEAD?

enough of the bs

Odds are the deed was already done and the 17 yr old was where he was later found before the "crime scene" was located and the amber alert was initiated... No need to bash authorities for this it was a devious act that more than likely the survivor alone is responsible for and nobody else. So tired of the "blame everybody else rather than the criminal attitude"

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(Putnam County trailer home and found a crime scene)

Sounds like they were dead first then transported if I an reading correct?


how very sad and disturbing. i agree with man4451 and you have to wonder just how well these amber alerts really work. thoughts and prayers to their families.


Truthfully the Amber alerts probably don't have that high of a success rate. But I don't think it costs much to put one on the TV or send text message to people in that area. So, in my opinion, if it works even 1/100 times its worth it. I don't mind when my tax dollars are spent on things I truly consider public goods.


How sad :(


They weren't out of state plates. In other words, the driver would have been pulled over for "lane violation" issues.


Amber alerts are just another option that are available. They are like tornado warnings and sirens. If your not watching the TV at the time, or don't hear the warning, you don't know. I have driven as far as Georgia at one time and did not see one police car. There is nobody to blame for this except the person who committed the crime(s). My prayers go to anybody effected by this trajedy.


The problem with the Amber Alert that was issued here yesterday was that it came across the TV - at least in Erie Co anyway - and all that I saw was that an Amber Alert was issued. There was no voice over alerting as to where it was located or any other information period!! Had it been in Erie Co it would have been more productive to have gotten just a little more information than an Amber Alert had just been activated. It's sad that these boys were murdered and that it looks like the other 17 yr old was somehow involved but for future reference I think a little more detail would be nice.


When it came acrossed my tv, it gave the location and everything to a number to call if anyone knew of anything. It took a minute, but it did have a voice over.


And another option is to sign up on your local sheriff's website-doesn't have to be a cell, they include landlines as well!


I got the alert on my smart phone. It rang like the emergency alert tone for weather. I don't remember signing up for anything about amber alerts so I assume all smart phones receive them. Is this correct?


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no one is bashing anyone, all the new technology like ON-STAR or something should have cought this guy before when knowing the plate number. Besides it was more a question of the technology is it being used correctly? if not maybe scrap it if its not working.