State starts probe into Erie County's handling of starved child case

About three months after a toddler starved to death in a Vermilion Township home, the state has begun investigating Erie County Job and Family Services.
Emil Whitis
Jan 30, 2013


Issac Brothers-Bartholomew died at 18 months old on Nov. 6, and four of his six siblings were hospitalized for malnourishment.  

Immediately afterward, state officials said they planned to conduct a thorough investigation of the agency.  

The Brothers-Bartholomew family first popped up on Erie County social workers’ radar in 2007, when they moved to a Risden Road home in Vermilion Township from Cuyahoga County.

In February 2009 a Cuyahoga County-ordered protective custody order expired, stripping Erie County social workers of their right to walk in the family’s home at will.

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Sit n Spin

Why has it taken this long ? Too many little ones have lost their lives under "the watch" of this joke of an entity ! I bet there are a lot of people that work there that are crapping bricks about right now ! Hopefully some of them will be criminally charged !

2cents's picture

I will say one thing here ACLU!


What home health agency was the grandmother working for? Where was the oversight by the home health agency? What physician ordered the home health? Wasn't the physician concerned about the child's nutritional status? The parents/grandparents don't appear to be hungry. I wish SR would also look further into this case. Yes-the parents and grandmother have some heavy explaining; but what about everyone else? Why did DCFS not continue to monitor that home? A poor, innocent baby is dead. Tragic.

"The family had been involved with several agencies including Help Me Grow, a government funded program that assists parents of infants and toddlers, often children with disabilities. Oliver could not say if any concerns were raised during Help Me Grow’s home visits. Brandy Bennett, director of Erie County Family and Children First Council, confirmed the couple is involved with Help Me Grow, but declined to comment further.

Deborah Nelson, the paternal grandmother, was the children’s home healthcare provider, Oliver said. She was working with a nursing agency, Maxim Healthcare Services."


Thanks, Centauri. Help Me Grow is operated out of the Erie County Health Department. As for Maxim Healthcare-there had to be an RN assigned to the case to supervise visits at least monthly.

I hope the state questions these employees from Help Me Grow and the home health agency. It appears as though they have not followed through with their roles and responsibilities-which burns my britches because these are supposed to be "professionals" specifically trained to identify situations such as this.