Vermilion parents will fight malnutrition death charges

The parents of an 18-month-old child who died of starvation have pleaded not guilty to charges in Erie County Common Pleas Court. (UPDATED WITH VIDEO 7:33 p.m.)
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 10, 2013


Adrienne Bartholomew, 35, and James Brothers, 33, both of Vermilion Township, appeared in court Thursday afternoon. They're charged with two counts each of involuntary manslaughter, five counts child endangering and five counts patient endangerment in Erie County Common Pleas Court.

The child's grandmother, Deborah Nelson, 62, Vermilion Township, also pleaded not guilty to her charges, which included an additional count of involuntary manslaughter.

Isaac Brothers-Bartholomew died of malnourishment at the family's Risden Road home on Nov. 6.

He weighed only 12 pounds, about half the weight of a typical 18-month-old child.

Nelson was allegedly the child's healthcare provided. She also cared for two more of the couple's seven total children.

Five more of Isaac's sibling were were temporarily placed in their grandmother's care the day after Isaac's death, but when deputies and social workers went to check on the children they were wearing feces- and urine-soaked diapers and their beds were soaked, too.

Then they were taken to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland where they were also treated for malnutrition.

Two of them remain in the hospital. Isaac's other four siblings have been placed in foster care.

Brothers and Bartholomew are being held on $280,000 bonds. Nelson is being held on a $320,000 bond.

For more on Thursday's hearing and future court proceedings, pick up Friday's copy of the Register.



God Bless those poor, poor children and the anguish they have endured. Were I not paying off college bills, I would take any of them in with me in an instant. It is a shame that those who can "afford" children treat them like unwanted pets, yet those of us who would love to be graced with a child and cannot afford it have to watch these disgraceful excuses for human beings abuse and kill their children. Rest in Peace, Isaac, we will not stop fighting until justice is served.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal information.

Julie R.

Hey SR: Why did my comment get deleted for asking Centauri if the attorney in this case is the same attorney that represented Krista Harris when all one has to do is google the attorney's name and up pops a dozen stories about that case --- and the Elsebeth Baumgartner case, too. So how is that considered "personal information?"


Also, I find it revolting that the mother has the money to color her hair like a skunk but cannot provide food or clean diapers for her children. Filth. None of the three charged look like THEY'VE missed a meal.

Sit n Spin

How many little ones have to die before Erie County Children's Services gets investigated with a fine tooth comb ? Enough is enough !


I also noticed the hair color on mommy, even over the counter hair color isnt cheap. She coundnt afford to have so many kids ,no excuse, tubes tied, wallah. It is obvious to me that they were making a living off of these kids. Daddy, obviously ,so loved these kids that having a welfare check on his kids wasnt in the best interest of the kids,duh, red flag. disgusting parents and [granny] sits back and lets the feces and urine pile up. What a lovable bunch, I hope the children dont remember you three in the future. maybe adult diapers and nooooo bathroom priviledges for you three, see if you like how it feels, diaper rash and sores anyone?


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Are you trying to defend her? Really? Even if it were peroxide, you'd think she'd spend time taking care of her kids instead of playing hair stylist with herself... sheesh.
I can almost guarantee you that this is not a peroxide job given the nasty blonde color. Also, hair that is jet-black is virtually non-existant on anyone of European descent (Read: white people). The jet-black and bright-blonde is achieved through dyes, not cheapo peroxide
Source: I was in high school once. I know how to and how not to dye hair certain colors - peroxide does not turn hair this color.


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@ Doratheexplorer, you are very wise and smart to use the internet for facts and wisdom. Keep up using the internet to become informed.


The powers that be want to shut down the internet to keep citizens stupid.


Big Dog wants all to be stupid. Right Big Dog? You Big Dog brought the fight to me.


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It's hard to stay smart in a dumbed down world

yea right

Is this not the 2nd child of theirs that died. And why are ppl making excuses for them .


I wondered about that. I read something in the CPD about their losing one in Cleveland or somewhere. Is that true?

swiss family

how do they have the nerve to plead not guilty.. their 18 month old weighed 12 pounds!!!!!! I am thankful that they will go before an Erie County Judge.. there is a chance that they will get the punishment that they deserve.. Unlike if they were being tried in Huron Co. court... they would just get probation and have to pay for their drug test...


RIP Isaac...granny looks evil!this whole story is shameful!!


How did Children's services screw this up?


Yes, Attorney Denise Demmitt was appointed to represent Krista Harris in the matter regarding multiple sham theft counts in violation of O.R.C. 2913.61(C)(1). However, Ms. Denis decided that she would roll with the corrupt prosecutor, Kevin Baxter and Dean Holman


Krista Harris filed affidavits stating that Attorney Denise Demmitt informed her that Kevin Baxter, and former SPD detective Mark Volz called Demmitt on the telephone in an attempt to intimidate her into coercing Ms. Harris into pleading to the sham theft charges.

Interestingly, the following morning of Harris' pretrial, Attorney Demmitt appeared visibly shaken and in tears. Now, according to the court documents, Demmitt informed Harris that she found her cats cut-up and mutilated in garbage bags on her front lawn.

Needless to say, Demmitt was previously made aware, that Krista's former attorney, Steven L. Howland was gun-downed in his own apartment as he was her key witness in her case, and the attorney that was responsible for preparing the power of attorney.

Only in Erie County!


So many comment on this evil woman's hair? Really? Advice on how to do it? Really? Teeth bleaching Really? A child starved to death and several others abused and I see hair color. They all need to be locked up. By the way as long as people are throwing hair color around, Granny looks like she never missed a meal.