Social agencies alerted JFS to warning signs

Local social agencies contacted Erie County social workers in case of malnourished children.
Emil Whitis
Nov 17, 2012


Twice since 2009, workers at local social agencies alerted Erie County Job and Family Services to suspected problems at a Vermilion Township family's Risden Road home.


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The two phone calls — as well as a third from someone else — were not enough to launch an investigation, Erie County Job and Family Services administrators said.    

The administrators' comments came Thursday, more than a week after 18-month-old Isaac Brothers-Bartholomew died of starvation inside his family's Risden Road home in Vermilion Township.

An autopsy by the Lucas County coroner's office found the child died of malnutrition and dehydration. He weighed just 12 pounds at death.  

Isaac's six siblings, ages 2 to 11, have been removed from the home, and four are still in a Cleveland hospital being treated for malnourishment, Erie County deputies said.     

Isaac's death and the medical conditions of his siblings prompted Erie County deputies to launch an investigation into the parents, James Brothers, 33, and Adrienne Bartholomew, 34.

Bartholomew called 911 on Nov. 6 when her oldest son, age 11, found Isaac unresponsive in a crib inside the home. When paramedics arrived, Brothers was in the driveway, holding Isaac's limp body in his arms, an Erie County deputy's report said.  

In an interview with the Register late last week, Brothers said he and his wife spent all their time caring for the seven children, some of whom suffered from medical conditions and disabilities.

Brothers also told the Register a social worker had been to his home about a month ago and found nothing wrong.

Investigators have already confirmed an employee from the Help Me Grow program, at Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities, visited the home as recent as September.

The Register learned Friday that a Help Me Grow employee was actually one of the three callers who in recent years alerted Erie County Job and Family Services to potential issues in the home.

Social workers

The sheriff's investigation is quickly growing tentacles, as deputies are trying to figure out why no one stepped up to contact the family, even after tipsters made phone calls to Erie County Job and Family Services in late 2009, 2010 and earlier this year.   

Last week, Erie County Job and Family Services director Karen Balconi Ghezzi told the Register her agency never received complaints about the Brothers-Bartholomew family.

On Thursday she reversed course, confirming her agency had, in fact, received three phone calls since 2009.

But none of those calls rose to a level that merited an investigation, Balconi Ghezzi and job and family services supervisor Angel Young said.

Young said the social services field is complicated and there are strict guidelines social workers must follow to actually initiate an investigation.  

In February 2009, Balconi Ghezzi's agency closed a case that had been transferred to Erie County from Cuyahoga County, when the Brothers-Bartholomew family moved from the Cleveland area to their Vermilion Township home.

Cuyahoga County Job and Family Services began investigating the family in 2005, when a caller alleged Brothers and Bartholomew were neglecting their children. That investigation was followed by another in 2007, which was transferred to Erie County.

Balconi Ghezzi said her workers made 13 visits to the Risden Road home from March to October 2008. The case ended in February 2009, as the parents showed social workers they were capable of caring for their children, Balconi Ghezzi said.

Balconi Ghezzi has refused to say who made the three phone calls to her agency, other than explaining one caller simply had a "gut feeling" about the family.

On Friday, the Register confirmed through other sources that a Help Me Grow employee was one of the callers, while another caller was a neighbor.

The third caller was likely associated with Erie County family court's Wraparound program, although juvenile court Judge Robert DeLamatre said Friday he has a "high confidence rate" the call did not originate from this program.

DeLamatre added: "I can't say I'm 100 percent confident."

DeLamatre said one of his workers told him the Wraparound program's involvement with the family ended in 2009, about the same time the job and family services case ended.

This much is certain: Local social services employees called Erie County Job and Family Services on at least two occasions since 2009, raising concerns about the family.

Balconi Ghezzi refused to discuss the nature of those calls, citing confidentiality.

A panel of three social workers had reviewed the complaints and came to the conclusion they did not merit further investigation, Young said.

“The concerns called in didn’t warrant us to get inside the house,” Young said. “There was no evidence.”

The calls were transcribed and filed away in a database, until Isaac's death last week.

“We’ve gone through the (family’s) file maybe five or six times asking, ‘What did we miss?’” Balconi Ghezzi said earlier this week. “We haven’t found anything. Our agency has done everything it could.”

Once Erie County deputies complete their investigation, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has said it plans to investigate Erie County Job and Family Services' involvement with the Brothers-Bartholomew family.  

Help Me Grow coordinator Carrie Beier declined to confirm if her agency made one of the calls to job and family services, but she did say her workers would absolutely make that call if they saw any problems.

"If we were aware of something, we would make a call to express our concerns," Beier said.

Her agency has already supplied investigators its files on the Brothers-Bartholomew case. Those files would include the family's plan of action, identifying the younger children's needs and various assessments.  

"Those are done periodically, but they can be requested as often as needed," Beier said. "Typically we do annual assessments and six-month assessments."

Help Me Grow has three service coordinators who are licensed social workers, educators or degreed professionals. The Wraparound program also has three workers who handle cases, connecting families with community services and other programs.


In yet another leg of the investigation, deputies continue to probe the role of the Brothers-Bartholomew children's grandmother, who served as their home healthcare provider.

The grandmother called the grandchildren her "clients," and Brothers called his mother the children's "home healthcare provider," Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

The grandmother was responsible for caring for three of the older children, ages 7, 6 and 6, according to deputies.

She was at the home five days a week, eight hours a day. She worked for a healthcare company called Maxim Healthcare Services, where a supervisor was supposed to check in with the family every two months, Oliver said.

The family later agreed to those meetings only after the company threatened to cut off services. Even then the supervisor only met with Brothers and the children's grandmother, while the children were asleep elsewhere in the home, deputies said.


Pick up Saturday's Register for an interview with Brothers' ex-girlfriend.



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Is it laziness that keeps this agency from investigating complaints. Judging from what has gone on in Erie County this year someone or everyone is dropping the ball. Who is protecting our children? When I see a family in a store in the middle of the day, adults in Pajamas and slippers, kids in pjs and barefoot, I have to wonder, especially when I see the adult yanking on these kids who all look terrified. If you know children live near you but you never see them ever, something is wrong. But this agency doesn't consider that anything to concern themselves with. If someone is smacking their child around in public, what is happening behind closed doors. I blame this agency for not investigating further, especially when some of these came directly from employees.
This 'Help Me Grow' program needs new blood and someone who really wants to protect our children, not just collect a paycheck. It sickens me.


We need real social worker's who care and want to make sure these children are okay. Why is there always an extreme excuse after a child dies by the hands of their parents or their partners or treated in such a manner that even an animal has no way to survive. Makes me sick

Seen it All

And let the head rolling begin down at Erie Co JFS!!

Simple Enough II

Why oh Why did they keep having children when the children being born with "medical conditions and disabilities"? Seriously 7 children and how were they being supported? Folks can blame JFS all they want (I think for the most part they are a typical government entity just spinning in circles with little hopeful purpose), but it really goes back on the family.....


I have internal records of how job and family services operates their investigations on how this agency picks and chooses who they want to investigate and whom not to. all Balconi wants to do is get a check look at why the last director left and no im not talking about the one whom the county fired for allegedly being accused of raping a person.hope the register does not take this post down for telling the truth . if the register wants a copy of those records you know who I am.


The sperm donor shoulda been clipped a long time ago!


Sandusky 2012 could you inform everyone why the last director left ... thanks


Sandusky 2012 could you inform everyone why the last director left ... thanks


Too bad the person with that gut feeling that something wasn't right wasn't listened to. Apparently they were right and a child would still be alive today had it not been for laziness


I just can't believe that since the family had been under investigation for years prior, that 3 "tips" on abuse is not enough to go in the home! Sounds like a bunch of B---S---!


they call and worn the people when they will be stopping in no different than Huron County JFS


she was plain lazy and kept complaining about cut and how they had more to do but with less.


Mission Statement

Erie County Department of Job and Family Services are dedicated to serving our community by providing services that enhance the quality of family life. We value and depend on our partnership with other agencies and private citizens. We advocate self-sufficiency in an environment that promotes professionalism and values diversity. The mission of Erie County Children Services is to serve as a first responder to reported allegations of child abuse and neglect, to investigate such reports in a timely manner and to provide appropriate protective services to children who are found to be abused and neglected in accordance with legal mandates.

Agency Philosophy

Erie County Department of Job and Family Services is committed to ensuring that children live in a safe environment where they are able to have their basic needs met. Children Services becomes involved with children and families when risk of abuse, neglect, or dependency has been identified and additional referrals or supportive services are needed. The agency’s ultimate goal is to preserve families and to provide and arrange services to assist them in doing so. If services can not be provided while the child resides in the home and placement is required to provide for the child/children’s safety and basic needs the agency will work toward the goal of reunification with their families.

The goal in every child protection case is to provide children with a safe and permanent home. That means restoring children to their birth families when possible, granting legal custody to a relative or family friend, or adoption. Laws, regulations and rules govern virtually every aspect of this process. Foster care is a temporary setting and not a permanent place for children to grow up as all children are in need of a family. Foster homes are resources and supports for children who may have experienced abuse, neglect, and dependency. Children in need of foster care may have been physically or sexually abused, neglected or abandoned. Foster children are of every age, race, nationality and religion. Foster families provide temporary care for children while Children’s Services works to reunify parents or relatives with their children.


i find this amusing why were they not investigated I would suggest people immediately call the commissioners to immediately terminate the director whom dropped the BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I believe this is that same agency whom helped abduct that little boy from his father . I saw that video on fox toldeo a couple of years ago.


This is bull my ex's crazy family made one call to children services in erie county but they didnt know i had moved to lorain county (shows how much they really know) and they were jumping down my throat! They obviously found nothing but i guess because it could be transferred they were all about it! this just sickens me!


it is all a scam they keep have kids so the could get ssi for each of them as long as they keep the kids sick to the gradmother than the jfs for not doing anything look they let that 3 stay with the mother and her killer boyfreind so why wouldnt they let staving kids stay with mom and dad? what a joke this world is coming to

Darwin's choice

Where's that feline poster now? Time to defend yourself!