Fourth Vermilion Twp. child in hospital

Less than a week after a Vermilion Township toddler died of suspected malnourishment, another of the child's siblings is now in a Cleveland hospital.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 12, 2012


Erie County deputies said Monday a fourth child from a Risden Road home has been admitted to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. 

The children are among seven belonging to a Vermilion Township couple. An 18-month-old boy, Isaac Brother-Bartholomew, died Tuesday at the family's home.

Three other children, suffering from suspected malnourishment, were already taken to the hospital late last week for treatment.

Erie County deputies said they are investigating the case and working to obtain medical records and other documents detailing any previous medical conditions the children.

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Just watched Channel 19 news regarding this and they would not release the name of the child, or his parents. Why did the S.R.?

Seen it All

I seen a story on CH 3, and not only did they give the parents name, they had pics of them. Also said they have been investigated from CPS in another county before. Prayers for those poor babies.


The deceased child is just that, deceased. What's more is the manner by which he's no longer here. It would only be wrong for the Register to list his name if he was still alive. They aren't listing the names of any of the children that have been taken to the hospital. When a child dies by suspected malnutrition, that's a crime. There's never a problem for the register to list the names of anybody else listed in any other suspected crime.


With correct AP Style newspapers are not allowed to list the names of minor children unless they are deceased or with permission from the guardians.