Vermilion toddler dies from possible malnourishment

Six siblings of toddler removed from home
Emil Whitis
Nov 10, 2012


Erie County deputies said they're investigating the death Tuesday of a toddler whose six siblings have since been removed from the family's Vermilion Township home.  
Isaac Brothers-Bartholomew, 18 months old, was dead by the time paramedics arrived at the Risden Road home at about 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, a deputy's report said.
Three of Isaac's six siblings remain in hospitals, where they're being treated for suspected malnourishment, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.
The condition of the children is "disturbing," Oliver said.
"The 6-year-old weighs 23 pounds," he said. “One nurse was crying when they brought the kids in. That’s how bad it was.”
The parents of the seven children — James Brothers, 33, and Adrienne Bartholomew, 34 — told deputies the children suffer from medical conditions and various disabilities, according to a deputy's report.  
At least one of the children, a 6-year-old boy, was immediately taken to a Lorain hospital when paramedics arrived at the home Tuesday night, the report said.
The remaining children — ages 11, 7, 6, 4 and 2 — were taken to their grandmother's home, but on Thursday morning social workers removed them and placed them into foster care, the report said.

Read more in Saturday's Register.


Seen it All

This just makes me sick. I have a feeling when we get a picture of these two, it will appear they have never missed a meal in thier lives. Prayers for the innocent children.


Just read the police report online. Mom was 5 3" 112lbs. Dad was 6ft. 200lbs.

Seen it All

My bad. Probably selling their food stamps for drugs then!

Taxed Enough Already

well Dad sure never missed a meal then.


They'll look well-fed...tatted up...possibly drug abusers of some kind. A disgusting story no doubt.


disqusting story indeed!!!
but tatted up?
you really shouldn't judge on that.
or shall i just consider your name appropriate?
i have many tattoos.
im not a drug abuser and my kids and grandkids were never starved or neglected.
lets just get the facts straight from jump street.
1 child deceased 3 others hospitalized.
40 lbs underweight,this didnt happen over night.
Dear God Please, Bless those kids with loving homes,hearts and in safe arms even if they are inked!


The child was stiff as a board, how long does thst take after death?

Seen it All

Stiffness of a cadaver. The following are crude approximations of the time of death, based on temperature and presence/absence of rigor
warm and flaccid < 3 hours
warm and stiff 3-8 hours
cold and stiff 8-36 hours
cold and flaccid > 36 hours

In any event queen..TOO long for a child of that age NOT to be checked on.


No arrests? What's up with that?


maybe they are waiting to see what other charges to add to the murder charges???


This is not medieval times. In cases like these an investigation has to be completed first with all the i's dotted and t's crossed. A slip up can result in a case being thrown out on a technicality. You can be sure there will be charges in due time.


I hope the parents aren't the ones I saw recently getting red bull and Gatorade with their food stamp card!!


this really upsets me. I would love to adopt a child, however it is way too expensive....... why is it so expensive when there are people who do this to children! There are many many people out there who would have taken care of these children!


RNR .... start as a foster parent, it's not as expensive as you might think.

Taxed Enough Already

no it's not expensive, it's heart wrenching. You will love and care for these children and teach them what a normal family is like, then they come and take the child(ren) back and throw them back into the same mess from which they came. It's very confusing to the children.




unfortunally for the exact reasons that taxed enough displayed I do not want to be a foster parent. I have a child and I do not want her nor I to go through that. I have seen it. I want to adopt outright. And yes.... that is expensive.


probably making go-go juice[mountain dew and red bull half and half] even w/ disabilities ,cant you remember how often your kids eat? Thats a parents job, make sure a baby is fed, I wonder about the diapers, if your not eating ,your not [pooping]. Your lathargic, thin, and sick. You know your child. Moms sense when your baby isnt right.Im not sure what disability keeps you from noticing somethings wrong here.


Go-go juice sounds vile.


I always thought go-go juice was gasoline. (As in, my car is low on go-go juice, not as a beverage.) What will people think of next??


It used to mean coffee. " go juice with moo juice (milk)
and Liquid Sunshine ( Orange juice)


Poor kiddos probably suffer from "medical conditions and various disabilities" as a result of not being FED. I wonder if the ones being treated for malnourishment are the younger ones and thus not school-aged (or maybe homeschooled)? I would 'hope' that a 23-pound six year old would prompt a welfare call to CPS from the school...


It takes a long time to die of malnutrition, diarhea can hasten it, surely somebody noticed something, maybe the disabilities included diaper changes, less food =less diaper changes,therefore less =better. SICK if this was the mentality . [yes I know this was a sick thought....but?]


The worst part of this is that the mother really does sound distraught on the 911 call. Why? Because she got caught mistreating her kids in such a way she won't be able to wiggle out of it? Or because she didn't really understand that not feeding children might cause them some, uh, problems?

Me? I'm going with Option A. But that's just me...


The so called "granmother" that the children were taken to told investigators that she was the children's health care provider but when CPS went to check on the children at her house they were found in urine soaked diapers and diapers full of feces. If she was in fact their health care provider, she is mandated by state law to report anything like this. I hope that she faces charges for this too.


The full article in the Register does state that most of the children had medical issues and had problems absorbing food. The child who did not survive had been on a feeding tube. How sad that all of this got to this stage before help was on hand.


if the child had a medical condition in which food was not properly asorbed and was on a feeding tube, the child should have been seeing a doctor on a regular basis and possibly at home nurse visits. The childs weight would have been monitored closely and if the child was in danger the child would probably have been admitted to the hospital. Something went horribly wrong here.... they were not properly cared for in some way or another.


Why would you keep having children that you know may have this condition?,The childrem that are here are precious, if [grandma ]was the health provider,why were the kids found previosly in her care in urine soaked dirty diapers? Somethings wrong here. If the children have trouble absorbing nutrition,all the more reason to be monitored very, very closely.A registered nurse would be monitoring weekly, right? Still mom should be up on whats happening with each kid. If she has too many kids, whose fault is that? Dad , sure shoulda thought hard about having so many special needs babies.Bottom line ,parents you are responsible for these innocent lives, no excuses


How messed up can this world get???????????????????


OMG...cant take this!
so so so so so so sad!!
no excuse!!
rest in heaven little Isaac...keep watch over your siblings.
tears and what else can i say!?


11,7,6 and 4 should be OUT of diapers. Time to print what was really going on!


good point, how can this be going on in this day and age, I hope the kids get good [forever familys] not [lets monitor this situation] and keep them w/ mom and dad and grandma. Your lack of care= your kids deserve better, much better.Do the right thing , you can visit them and know they are really cared for. No more babies for you two. Deal?