Stabbed, beaten, burned & zapped

Special report four-part series starts today in the Sandusky Register
Jul 31, 2013


Follow the links to read all four parts: 

Autopsy by design
Craig Burdine, sudden death and its causes
Gregory Montgomery, death by suicide despite objections
Deputy coroner's deadly details and difficult questions 

Click here for a photo gallery with more information about the people involved and impacted by the investigations into the killing of Jacob Limberios.


Truth or Dare

Frontline's Documentary "Post Mortum" will open your eyes to the dilemma in this country w/this topic. It's well worth the hour to view it.


This is getting old. We are rehashing old news. Give the Attorney General some time to investigate it all. This messed up case cannot be investigated overnight and it will take some time.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Darkhorse. Probably for the Limberios family, the Burdines, the family of Brian Jones and the family of Gregory Montgomery, and others, this is not getting old. Be sure to get a copy of today's print edition to get the entire story in today's first installment and read about these other families in the other three parts of the special report. As far as investigating something overnight, 17 months would be more than 500 overnights.   


What do the three other people (eye-witnesses) in the same room have to say. You would think they could shed some eye witness light on this case, as opposed to all the speculation from arm chair quarter backs.

Julie R.

The print edition on this is excellent and I can't wait to read about the other three cases.

It's easy to see why the Limberios family didn't get anywhere. Sandusky County sounds like a regular good 'ole boys club. That Sheriff Overmyer sounds like a real snake and so does the prosecutor. In fact, they ALL do with the exception of Deputy James Consolo, who was initially appointed to lead the "coroner's inquest" after the Limberios family filed their lawsuit. It says Consolo stepped aside, however, amid pressure from supervisors. It also says that Consolo was the deputy who initially investigated the fatal shooting of Bryan Jones by Sandusky County deputies and was highly critical of the sheriff's decisions and operations.

Carlos Danger

Let me get this straight. Several months ago, the Register accused Dean Henry of saying something to the effect of: "the family got what they paid for" when referring to the autopsy by Dr. Wecht (although Henry stated that the Register intentionally misquoted him). The Register made a big deal out of this "alleged" statement by Henry, accusing him of being unprofessional, biased, etc., etc., etc. Now, the Register is doing the same thing with the autopsy performed at the request of the county authorities, stating specifically "autopsies often say what police want them to say," and calling the article "Autopsy by Design." Isn't this a perfect example of someone being a Hypocrite (Definition - A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for)?


I don't believe the state did an autopsy. The autopsy was done by a Lucas county deputy coroner. Dean Henry was totally unprofessional and unethical working both sides.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Carlos Danger. The Register did not "accuse" Dean Henry. It simply reported what he said to a reporter. In an editorial blog (opinion) and a viewpoint (opinion), the Register suggested he step down from his role as criminal prosecutor, citing the conflict that exists in the dual roles of prosecutor and defense counsel.  The conflict seemed to be obviously apparent and was the same reason he was removed as prosecutor months later by an independent, visiting judge. As far as the headlines you cited, while it's an interesting point of view, it's not the same thing. Thanks again. Be sure to read Thursday's installment, which includes dissenting opinion from Dr. Michael Baden regarding another autopsy ruling in the death of an inmate at the Sandusky County Jail.  


Your full of it Matt. You were on Dean Henry like flies on a pile of horse poop. Who is your next whipping boy?

Stop It

Feeling the burn of watching eyes, registerer?


The only burn these eyes get is from reading the crappy journalism from this paper with its biased reporting.

sandtown born a...

Which was well deserved


It's always easy to sit behind a computer and dissect what police officers do. You sit and point out all their faults and do absolutely nothing to point out the positive. Your criticism of the Jones case is a prime example. You would be writing an article complaining if they did nothing and Jones woke and started firing injuring or killing others. Nobody knew if the gun was loaded or not except him. These guys make split second decisions that are life and death. Then by courtesy of the media everybody gets to dismantle how things were handled, without ever having to make those kind of decisions in their entire life. Police do a thankless job everyday to protect the common joe from thugs of society, just to be criticized by those they protect. To continuously condemn an entire department based off of the acts of a few is a shame. How about a four day exposé on protecting, serving and dying in the line of duty, or would that just not be news worthy?

Stop It

It only takes one or two bad apples to spoil the whole bushel. My father was a cop once. He told me quite a few things about "SOP" that one would not find in any police manual. A badge means "above the law", generally speaking.


Well written.

Stop It

Thank you.


I suggest that the good officers stop protecting the bad ones if they don't want to be tarnished.


There is where the problem is. People condemn an entire organization because of a few. Place the blame on those that do a job nobody else would do. People wouldn't want to a job of a police officer. Why because they aren't perfect and they're scared of their actions being picked apart by the media. A media that tarnishes law enforcement to sell papers. Has anyone thought of the plain fact that all these cases have one thing in common. All of the victims here chose to alter their state of mind and then there was a problem because of it. If you take out just that one factor, there would be no discussion of what was done properly and what wasn't. Based on their own actions they placed themselves in harms way. I am by no means saying they deserved what happened to them. I'm just pointing out the obvious.


I have not had the chance to read the paper version of this story. However, I hope that since you decided to report on the death of Jone's from Fremont, I hope that you have reported the entire story. Same as with the Trayvon Martin case, I only need to hear certain facts, and I can automatically tell where I stand. From what I know of the Jone's case, I know that he had previously tried to murder someone. He shot up a house where a child was sleeping, the bullet came inches from her sleeping head. Okay, I would imagine that police would look into the person's history when they're on they're way to this type of situation. Next, I heard what was said by Jones' father on the 911 call. He said he is capable of hurting anyone, even family members in the mom (MOM & DAD). If I was to hear this one my way to a stand off, I would imagine that he wouldn't care who he has shot. I stand behind the sheriff deputies that were involved in this incident. It is a sad situation and I am very sorry for the family. Also, the Limberios family, I am so very sorry for your loss and I pray for his child that he has left behind. I haven't heard anything about what the three other people have said about the incident, but I'm sure the authorities have investigated and obviously they're not saying anything different than what Sandusky County coroner has pronounced as the cause of death. If they would have had conflicting stories, it would be a different story. I feel that the family is using this as a grieving process and are unable to let go of their son. No one wants to believe that their son, or any other family member would commit suicide. I believe there is a chance that this may have been an accident. Is this what they are fighting for? For the autopsy report to change to accidental? Or do they believe someone murdered him? If they believed someone murdered him, I believe they are wrong. I guess we will wait and see what the Attorney General has to say. This is actually a good topic for the moment. What about the supposed 'homicide' that occured in Fremont the other week? All of a sudden it is changed from a homicide investigation to an accident? I think this situation is sort of fishy and I hope there is more agencies looking into this situation.