Police asked to assist school

A Sandusky Central Catholic School employee summoned police to defend their students from a news crew Monday, shortly before the story of ousted band and choir director Brian Panetta hit the national stage.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 16, 2014
Panetta, who was in his fifth year of employment with the school, was forced to resign this past week after announcing his plans to pursue a gay marriage with his partner. The story, first reported by the Register on Jan. 11, has since netted national attention.

A news crew from 13abc arrived near the Jefferson Street building during school dismissal time, at about 3 p.m., apparently to talk to students about Panetta’s departure, according to a Sandusky police report.

At that time, a school employee approached nearby Sandusky police Officer Michael Shock about the issue, according to the report. Shock talked with the news team, who assured him they would not speak to any juveniles without their parents present, and they would also never enter school property without permission.

Shock explained the school employees were concerned about the welfare of their students, and the news team was “very understanding, stating that they agreed,” the report stated.

Sandusky police Officer Kevin Youskievicz then relayed the message to school officials.


Thomas Paine

I really wished people could separate their own beliefs and not feel like someone else's beliefs somehow infringe upon theirs. My opinion: The Catholic school has every right to terminate an employee if he/she admits to breaking their contract or commits what the church considers sin. Homosexuality and gay marriage are not permitted or accepted by the Catholic church. So I have no issue with the employee being let go. However, I pose this question for the Catholics who argue a man and a woman are the only ones who should be allowed to get married, does the Catholic church/denomination own the right to the definition of marriage? There are denominations that disagree with the Catholic interpretation of the definition. Just my opinion but Catholics or any church that argue that their rights are being infringed upon should not be passing judgment on those that do not follow their faith. Unless the state or someone steps in and says the school fired the employee in error no religious rights have been infringed upon just by having a discussion about whether I or anyone agrees or disagrees with your beliefs.


Still can't figure out why so many people are afraid of the Catholic religion. I would bet that most of the posters about this incident don't even attend a church. GIVE IT UP, LET IT GO!


For one thing, its abortion, not "aboration".


agree or not...what it comes down to. It was in his contract and he knew it when he signed it. End of Story

Smcc Student

At this point I question if this is actually news. I'm not saying this because I want you guys to drop the story or anything. I understand that you guys have every right to report it, but is this even news worthy?


Is this news worthy? Well, the news consumer decides. This story has "legs" and that news organizations keep picking it up proves it. News is like anything else: supply and demand.

Smcc Student

And we demand quality not quantity. I get that the SR wants to keep pushing this story to spark more controversy but this is garbage. This is nothing but a clean thread for Sugar and John to bash the Church on.


You DEMAND? That's interesting. At this point student you obviously are not mature enough, and too distraught to continue on in the discussion. If you cannot see you're overwrought I hope your parents do and remove you from the conversation. I have not "bashed the church". I will repeat my position. What SCCS did to Brian was bigoted and hypocritical. That is simply my opinion which this forum allows me to express and expound upon.


Talk about hypocritical. You are calling someone immature, and shouldn't be involved in this conversation, yet you state you're simply stating your opinion because this forum allows you. Everyone is allowed to, so why would you want someone to be silenced? You don't have to respond back to anyone.
Because someone doesn't agree with your beliefs, it's considered bigotry?

Licorice Schtick

At this moment the SR home page reports that the original story has 473 comments, so claiming the story is not newsworthy is as silly as claiming it's intended to bash the church.



In addition to the Sandusky Register interview, the Hire Brian Back blog has the full, unedited interview WKYC did with Brian, about 20 minutes worth of footage--very sad, rich in details. Must see!


Neither of my children watched a movie with dead babies in a bucket or held up anti-abortion signs at all let alone when they were 7/8 years old. In jr high they do learn about abortion, abstinence, and respecting their own bodies and the bodies of others. They were taught that abortion is killing a baby. In the 7th grade, I think all of that is appropriate.

I applaud the school for protecting the privacy of their students from the news. I would not want my children on the news-not even from a distance.


As concerning my earlier post. This wasn't for a school, it was an anti-abortion rally. I came from a different time era also.
The footage I watched (my interpatation looking at it 30 years later) was footage of an actual "medical procedure" for learning in the medical field.

Again my apologies for the confusion. I was referring to my own experience, and wasn't implying that's how everyone is taught about abortion.


And in other news!.....St. Mary's DOESN'T call police to defend their students against Father Varney.

Licorice Schtick

Sandusky has a knack for finding creative ways to put itself in the national spotlight, and not in a good way.