Hy-Miler Nationals

37th annual supermodified nationals in Sandusky
Angela Wilhelm
Jul 25, 2014


The 37th annual Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals are this weekend at Sandusky Speedway.



To bad that there is not a picture of supermodified taken here.


Can anyone tell me whether they actually ended up running last night's feature races , given the rain?


Yeah they ran you know that cheap a$$ don't want to give out any refunds what a $hitty track ran by a cheap jacka$$


wigglewagon, If you only had a clue. NO-ONE wanted that race to be rained out, most of the people came here from out of town, and they came to see some supermodifieds. ISMA made the call, to get the race in. If the "jacka$$" would have cancelled the race he would of made more money than he did by racing, I/E If the race was cancelled he wouldn't of had a purse to pay, and therefor all of the concessions sales would have been pure profit. I thank Sandusky Speedway for doing everything they could to get the races in last night. And what a race it was, one of the best Friday night shows I've seen in years. Once again a big attaboy to Sandusky Speedway and to ISMA, for sticking it out for all of us FANS.


Wow your name fits you well, Sandusky has to be about the dirtiest track I have ever been to,the toilets been broke all year you would think they would of fixed them you know for the biggest race of the year,the concession stand is just filthy,there's pi$$ running out of the portapotty and there hasn't even been any hand sanitizer all year under the grandstands,they can't even buy a roll of tickets to get in there using old burger king tickets that burger king don't even recognize any more,they had terrible calls in the Ohio stock class, and no he wouldn't of made more money because they didn't even start any features before it rained so he would have to give refunds,it's amazing hy-miler even sponsers anything at that track I mean that has to be embarrassing


And no I didn't want it to get rained out either but I can't keep my kids out till 2:00am give me a brake, you should get out more there's some very nice tracks out there, ones you can get something to eat and not get sick or go to the bathroom and not sit in pi$$ and they even have toilet paper, how bout that, that place needs new management BAD and it could be a nice track