Panthers stay unbeaten in Sandusky River League

ALSO: Perkins 9th , Norwalk 10th at Lexington Invite
Sandusky Register Sports Staff
Aug 10, 2014


Chase Rotsinger and Scott Doyle both carded 40s as the St. Mary Central Cathoolic boys golf team stayed unbeaten in the Sandusky River League with a 167-201 victory over Fostoria St. Wendelin Friday at Loudon Meadows.

Dario Mormina posted a 43 and Collin Crooks added a 44.

The Mohawks were led by Peter Campbell’s 41.

Perkins 9th , Norwalk 10th at Lexington Invite

At Lexington, Perkins and Norwalk competed in the Lady Lex Invitational.

Perkins finished with a team total of 420 to finish ninth in the 18-team field, while Norwalk was 10th at 429.

Abby Pitts paced the Pirates with a 98, followed by Taylor Cammalleni (102), Hannah Weatherly (110) and Abby Sinaler (110).

Dominique Workley shot a 101 to top the Truckers’ list. Bethany Cring added a 108, Ryan Kirk had a 109, Addie Mannino, Tanner Radcliffe and Ellie Schneider all scored 111.

“Today I saw a young golf team start to grow up,” Truckers coach Don Nardecchia said, “We played a very tough course and the girls played intelligently and enthusiastically. They are starting to eliminate mistakes common to young competitive golfers. They are eliminating some of the big numbers that can get out of hand in a hurry. They played a lot of golf this week…a total of 72 holes of golf in five days, and I see a world of difference from Monday to Friday”

Toledo Notre Dame Academy won the tournament with a 370.



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THAT'S A LEADER FOR YOU. Someone who runs away from a challenge and crawls back to a place that wanted him gone.

Finally, RELIABLE sources tell me that 4 benefactors are paying Prince Denny's salary this year. If ANY of the "benefactors" read this, I hope you take pride in the fact that numerous QUALITY teachers in that building have been forced to take a HUGE pay cut, while you donate your "hard-earned" money to a person who didn't (deserve to) have his contract renewed.


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Wallyworld for your info we are a small school thats why the bump in leagues. If he had more people playing football instead if of players playing both offense and defense plus other sports short on players then we could have stayed in the SBC but we could not compete with bigger schools. It has nothing to do with Denny Faber.


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