Chudzinski out as Browns head coach

Toledo native fired after one year at the helm.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 30, 2013


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yea right

no problem just chit out a new one..hahaha


lets see the new coach to "win it all"




The Browns are pathetic, dysfunctional and irrelevant.


Look at the teams that win. How often do they change coaches?

SNAFU= Browns

Dr. Information

Next season seems to be the new mascot in Cleveland.

Eph 2 8-10

Why fire the coach when you've got lousy players? It's like painting a $2,000,000 rare automobile using spray cans.....


Is Chudzinski a good coach or a bad coach? I'm not qualified to judge. What I do know, though, is that ANY coach only has so much to work with. And from the games I saw this year, Chudzinski was behind before he ever got started.

How, by the way, do you BUILD a team, build camaraderie, fill "holes," and improve records when you keep starting from scratch and allow one lousy season to make or break everything? If nothing else, I understand the players liked their coach which is a hurdle that isn't always overcome.

Smart decision? It doesn't seem like it could have been! But that's the Browns for you, eh?


Jim Tressel.


I actually agree with the sweater vest


Jon Gruden

Really are you ...

Bill Cowher

Five Pro Bowl selections! The Browns need an in your face coach. Personally I just watched my second full Browns game this season. But to get the change Haslam wants, he needs an aggressive coach.




They need players, especially a quarterback before they need to worry about a coach.

Whiskey Tango F...

You can never win at chess when your boss provides you with checkers. Poor guy never stood a chance.


One year isn't enough time for any coach.


Its not like he had 5 probowl players.