Family of man killed by deputies to get day in court

Appeals court rules against Sandusky County; Bryan Jones case ordered to trial
Melissa Topey
Nov 13, 2013

The federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the family of a man who was killed by Sandusky County deputies in 2010.

Bryan Jones, 26, was asleep or passed out on a couch in his family's home with a rifle in his lap. He was alone in the home after he went there drunk and scared his family from the house. Deputies went inside and used a flash bang grenade to awaken Jones. They shot him when the explosion jolted him awake and the rifle on his lap moved.

The Jones family filed the wrongful death lawsuit against Sandusky County, deputies Mario and Jose Calvillo and Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer, contending deputies were reckless and there was no cause to kill Jones.

Federal Court Judge Jack Zouhary ruled last year the lawsuit would go before a jury, but the county  appealed that decision. The appeal was denied Tuesday.

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Julie R.


Sitting In The ...

Everyone's so one-sided...try seeing it from the opposition standpoint. Not to mention all the tax-dollars used in this case regardless of what side you support and if the county gets sued they'll either raise your taxes or have to lay-off deputies to remain within their budget. For your sake I hope it's all worth it and remember no matter what happens it'll never bring him back.

Julie R.

Who cares? They raise taxes, anyway. I hope this family and all the other ones in Sandusky County get JUSTICE. They deserve it and it's long overdue.

Darwin's choice

From another site...

"It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is responsible for the growing spate of police shootings, brutality and overreach that have come to dominate the news lately, whether it’s due to militarized police, the growing presence of military veterans in law enforcement, the fact that we are a society predisposed to warfare, indoctrinated through video games, reality TV shows, violent action movies and a series of endless wars that have, for younger generations, become life as they know it—or all of the above.

Whatever the reason, not a week goes by without more reports of hair-raising incidents by militarized police imbued with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a battlefield approach to the communities in which they serve.

The latest comes out of New Mexico, where cops pulled David Eckert over for allegedly failing to yield to a stop sign at a Wal-Mart. Suspecting that Eckert was carrying drugs because his “posture [was] erect” and “he kept his legs together,” the officers forced Eckert to undergo an anal cavity search, three enemas, and a colonoscopy. No drugs were found.

And then there was the incident involving 13-year-old Andy Lopez, who was shot dead after two sheriff’s deputies saw him carrying a toy BB gun in public. Lopez was about 20 feet away from the deputies, his back turned to them, when the officers took cover behind their car and ordered him to drop the “weapon.” When Lopez turned around, toy gun in his hand, one of the officers—Erick Gelhaus, a 24-year veteran of the force—shot him seven times. A field training officer for new recruits and a firing range instructor, Gelhaus seems to subscribe to the philosophy that an officer should ensure their own safety at all costs."

Citizens are under attack....


Maybe send those cops to Sandusky on a swap for 6 months.


Some other points need to be made here as well. Society has changed dramatically when it comes to violence. There are mass shootings happening, domestic terrorism, and the constant threat of foreign terrorist. These cops have every right to be overly cautious. Do they make mistakes? Absolutely! Doctors make mistakes everyday that cost people their lives. They however aren't thrown all over the papers and portrayed as bad as these cops are. Shooters are getting younger so now there is a whole new group of people to be cautious of. Good luck LE

Dont Worry Be Happy

Not to mention simple traffic stops turning deadly. People only remember when the cops do the shooting not when they are being shot at. Check out the video online of the Solon police officers being shoot at and in the Norwalk Reflector another story of cops being shot at. Its happening all over and its sad.

Mr. D

@ jmschmidt. . . Mass killings and mass shootings are nothing new in modern history nor in the history of the United States nor the history of man. Same with domestic and foreign terrorism. What has changed in society has been led to believe how much humans have advanced regarding hostilities. Society has been led to believe that we have been protected by a magic security blanket and now suddenly it is being yanked away. We have always been a violent species and continue to be a violent species. A badge and a gun does not mean judge, jury and executioner.


I have read these comments. I see both sides. I guess my question would be, if the man was sleeping on the couch in the parents home, why didn't the parents just walk up and take the gun from the man? I do think sometimes the cops overplay their role, but personally I wouldn't want a world where there were no cops.

A Young Adult's...

It's always extremely easy to sit back behind a computer screen and say the officer acted ridiculously and is out of line. Why in the world is this idiot sleeping with a rifle? Honestly, in this case I can't say I blame the officer for shooting him. If you put yourself in those shoes, the rifle moving could mean you are a target. This always gets back to the barbaric tool, the gun. Guns create many more problems than they solve. Calm down NRA nuts, just an opinion.


Murder in the first-degree.

Tiredofthe BS

live by sword die by the sword...keeping being ignorant and that is what happens you put yourself in a bad situation. I am not saying there aren't bad cops or one's that make mistakes BUT i am so tired of "he was such an innocent good boy don't know why they thought he would shoot them?" HISTORY PREDICTS FUTURE...DON'T WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL WHO SHOOTS AT PEOPLE DON'T DO IT.


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Hope they don't get a dime from the county. The parents had already had him removed from the house earlier and they let him back in.

Dont Worry Be Happy


The Rudy

His family apparently were enabling him to some degree. Where did the gun he had on his lap come from? Was it theirs and unsecured? He wasn't legally able to possess one was he?
Didn't he once fire a gun into an inhabited structure? If I, as a cop knew all this-and they did- I'd be very wary of him being intoxicated and holding a gun too. Enough to react quickly and strongly to his movements.
I'm not so sure the flash-bang was the best idea, but I wasn't there so it's easy for me to 2nd guess.
Where did he get the alcohol?
As sad as it is to say this,his parents/family don't deserve any money because of this as they were culpable to some degree by enabling his behavior throughout his life, which ultimately led to this. This kid was no Boy Scout. It's no one else's fault but his and theirs. I truly don't believe there was any corruption or gross malfeasance here. The family made the bed and don't like sleeping in it.


AEversole, you know Terra has a Police Academy. Anyone can attend if your over 21 and don't have a felony record. Just letting you know that Law Enforcement pays well, good health insurance, and you can retire after 25 years.

Dont Worry Be Happy

No they don't get paid well, they don't have good health insurance but you can retire at 25 years.