Special prosecutor reviewing Jones shooting death

A special prosecutor reviewing the shooting death of Bryan Jones said he'll present the case to a Sandusky County grand jury.
Sarah Weber
Aug 31, 2010


A special prosecutor reviewing the shooting death of Bryan Jones said he’ll present the case to a Sandusky County grand jury.

It will be up to that grand jury to decide if there is probable cause to file criminal charges against the two sheriff’s deputies who shot and killed Jones on July 11. 

Brothers Mario and Jose Calvillo led a four-man tactical response team into Jones’ Ballville Township home, where they shot him after finding him holding a gun. 

Jones, 26, had been on a two-day drinking binge, and a recent autopsy indicated he also had cocaine in his system. 

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Jones, 26, had been on a two-day drinking binge, and a recent autopsy indicated he also had cocaine in his system. 


Guilty.. case Dismissed..  End of Story...


 Thanks for not showing the picture of him dead, laying in a casket.


Uh oh! Special Prosecuter! Put on your Tin Foil Hats folks. Da Looney Tune will be here shortly!


Bad  choices, tragic results


I am not suggesting there's criminal liability on the part of the deputies, but I think we need to ask what was the reasoning behind the command decision to enter the home after 90 minutes.   The deceased was alone in the house and possibly would have gone to sleep or maybe even agreed to come out on his own if relatives had talked to him.

Some of you people commenting on here are pretty cavalier about the loss of a human life.


Well we see how the family has behaved after the shooting, so I will raise the question again, could the behavior or proxcimity of family members at the scene caused the command officer on site to make the decision to end the situation as quickly as possible?


This is a sad story, and I feel for his family. But not only should we blame the officers but his family as well. They allowed him to do this, they called the police on him. Why did Mom and Dad let him get a gun in his posession in the condition he was in??? But the officers could have shown restraint, they had already waited 90 minutes, along with what "reader says" why not just let him come out or pass out? They didn't have to kill him.

Julie R.

I agree. It's not like he was rushing out of the house and shooting at everybody or anything. Some of these commenters on here who crucified the SR for showing a picture of a grave sure are sadistic when it comes to this story.  Let the kid rest in peace.  


Good move.


Thank you brothers Mario and Jose!!  Job well done.


Right on,  Chongo!

His  so- called parents were  a large part of the problem; not the solution.


This is a guy who had been to prison for shooting into a home and nearly killing a 5 year old.  Drug -related, though it was.  he still  nearly  killed a   small  child.

No sympathy here.


Thank God, for those deputies!!!

Boy with the Boot

He had a previous history of shooting. He had threatened to shoot his family. He had a loaded gun. He had not responded in 90 minutes. He raised the gun to firing position when the police entered. It sounds like the police made the right choice to me.

columbus avenue

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Unfortunitly This youth was a troubled young man,I suspect it was really death by suicide....Point gun at cops...cops shoot you.looks better then killing yourself.I also surmize that if the parents had not called the police then he probly would have shot one or both of them.then there would be lack of action law suite filed against them.or worse yet he would have hurt some inocent person.



I've been saying it was suicide by cop from the beginning.  the guy had a death wish.


Would have, could have, Should have, but they didnt ! Situations happen, and this was just one of those situations where maybe the family shouldnt have gotten the police involved, but then again maybe he woulda killed some one if they didnt. The foundation of a persons self being starts at home. But if anyone thinks for a second the police were gonna stay 3 minutes longer and risk missing free doughnut hr at the gas station there NUTS !

swiss family

my sympathies to the friends and family, but, I think that the right call was made here..the parents thought that he was out of their control, otherwise they would never have called for help..

  this guy has a bad history, and he did point the In in the officers direction which as anyone who has ever watches any police, or lawyer drama on TV knows.. they are wanting to be put out of their misery by  "death by police officers"

  it is tragic that he passed away, but it seems as though that was his choice, and perhaps was the only feasible solution that he could envision at that time..


it is funny how the police are always second questioned about their actions.  miliseconds to decide if it is going to be my life or theirs.  i guess as a police officer i would go with theirs.  for the record i am not a police officer but i imagine that is their thought process.