Coroner: Autopsy shows Jones lifted gun at deputies (full story)

FREMONT— Findings in a preliminary autopsy report corroborate Sandusky County Sheriff's deputies' accounts of the shooting death of 26-year-old Bryan Jones. According to Sandusky County Coroner John Wukie, the findings are consistent with deputies' statements that Jones raised a shotgun at them when they entered his home.
Sarah Weber
Jul 28, 2010

Findings in a preliminary autopsy report corroborate Sandusky County Sheriff’s deputies’ accounts of the shooting death of 26-year-old Bryan Jones.

According to Sandusky County Coroner John Wukie, the findings are consistent with deputies’ statements that Jones raised a shotgun at them when they entered his home.

Jones’ family called 911 at 9:46 p.m. July 11 to report that the troubled young man had been bingeing on alcohol for two days and threatened to hurt himself and his mother. 

Deputies arrived minutes later, and observed Jones sitting with a shotgun on the sofa in the two-story white farmhouse at 3445 Tiffin Road in Ballville Township.

A four-man tactical team, led by brothers Jose Calvillo, 37, and Mario Calvillo, 35, entered the home at 11:30 p.m. to subdue Jones, but second after encountering Jones the two deputies fired several shots. 

The Sandusky County Sheriff’s department has not released information regarding how many shots were fired by deputies or if Jones fired or tried to fire because the case is still under investigation.

Sheriff Kyle Overmyer asked the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to review the incident. He put Jose and Mario Calvillo on paid leave for three days following the incident, but later allowed them to return to work as jail officers until the final investigation is complete.

They will not be permitted to carry firearms during that time. 

Lucas County coroners performed an autopsy on Jones’ body on July 13 and found bullet entry wounds on Jones’ head, right arm, left arm and left shoulder. He had peripheral injuries to his left side and left forearm. It has not yet been determined which shot was fatal. 

The bullets hit Jones in a way that suggests he had his arms raised in firing position, Wukie said. 

Wukie said any evidence of gun residue on Jones’ hands — which would indicate he also fired a shot — would be noted in the final autopsy report. That final report is pending lab results.

The case has garnered significant public interest and controversy. 

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Jones’ parents, Tracy and Kim Jones, condemned the deputies’ actions, saying they could have defused the situation in a non-fatal manner. Family and friends gathered for a public protest in Fremont a week after Jones died.

Other residents have taken the side of the sheriff’s department, saying the deputies were right to defend themselves against a man with a gun.

Jones’ parents said he would never hurt anyone, but Jones does have a prior felony conviction for shooting at a Ballville Township home, narrowly missing a man and his 5-year-old daughter sleeping inside. 

Mario Calvillo, a veteran, has maintained a good record with the Sandusky County Sheriff’s department, but was fired from the Fremont Police Department in 2003 for drunk driving. 

Jose Calvillo has a last chance agreement dated January 2010 in his file at the Sandusky County Sheriff’s office for allegedly harassing his ex-girlfriend against direct orders from his superiors.

Calvillo also had a serious reprimand in 2007 about defying the late Sheriff David Gangwer’s orders not to have contact with his ex-wife during a messy divorce.



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the unsilent ma...

i know his family wants to make a big stink that he was murdered by police and file lawsuits in a get rich quick fantasy, but the guy raised a gun at cops. If they didnt want him dead they probably shouldnt have called the cops. Personally to me its one less idiot I have to deal with in life. i guess thats where listening to hank williams jr songs will get ya


Well there ya go! Raise a gun at an armed police officer(s)and they will shoot you!

Julie R.

How can an autopsy reveal that somebody had his arms raised when he was shot? That doesn't make a bit of sense.


Perhaps you should catch an episode or two of Dr. G: The Medical Examiner. 

It makes a lot of sense given the trajectory of the bullet(s) entry and possibly exit points on the body.


Julie R-"a bit of sense", no reference point for you Sussssan.


Have we got another swiss in the guise of Julie R?


This would be the appropriate time for the family to make a public apology to law enforcement.

Julie R.

Geez, why is everybody getting so upset? All I did was ask a simple question. I know an autopsy can reveal a lot things, like someone putting up a valiant fight for their lives----example, the O.J. Simpson case where his wife had knife wounds all over her hands from grabbing the knife----but I really can't see how a simple autopsy can show if a person has his arms raised when shot. I mean, let's say I'm crossing a street and I wave to somebody I know and the second I do somebody else goes by and shoots me. (which would probably be my buddy Sam) Can an autopsy show that I had one of my arms raised when I was shot?  


Julie R-to quote you  "I mean, let's say I'm crossing a street and I wave to somebody I know and the second I do somebody else goes by and shoots me. (which would probably be my buddy Sam) Can an autopsy show that I had one of my arms raised when I was shot?  Julie R I assure you I would never harm you in any manner, just the opposite my parents raised me to help the feeble of mind.


From my wealth of experience (watching NCIS, CSI, Law & Order) it could be a blood spatter pattern that showed how his arms were raised at the time of the shooting.

Now Way

Maybe he did raise a gun at police!  I think it's obvious he wasn't right in the head at the time, but that still doesn't explain why they went in the house in the first place.  Why not wait it out and give the guy time to get his "ducks in a row."  Unless I missed something, he didn't have a hostage.  That's the part I'm stuck on.  It's not like he came out of the house firing at people.  They went to him and shot him!

Julie R.

The bottom line here is----the parents to this young man are going to have to live with this nightmare for the rest of their lives. Making stupid remarks like they are only out to get money is ridiculous. These people are understandably angry and in a way it's a good thing for now because when the anger goes the grief is going to hit them full force and then the guilt that they were the ones that called the police to begin with. Show a little compassion people. You might even show a little compassion for the cops. If they're human it has to giving them a lot of sleepless nights, too.


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Was it any wonder?


I agree with unsilent majority.   I'd rather not have these  idiots walking around free.

Mail order bride

These Deputy's all deserve an apology. Now line up with her signs in front of the Sheriff's Office and say you were wrong.

Then give the Deputy's that fired the shot's Life Saving Awards for saving the lives of the other 2 deputy's that were in line to be killed by this guy. These brothers saved the lives of officers and should be rewarded.

If any discipline should occur maybe the officers that did NOT should should get wrote up and retrained. Fire away boys.

Good job men.


 I , for one ,would like to apologize to all persons I may have offended with prior posts about this story. I really thought that guy was asleep and ambushed. 

Julie R.

I have read many comments made on these SR stories pertaining to the autopsy done on the poor woman that was shot during that drive-by shooting case almost twenty years ago. The comments said that the autopsy showed that the bullet could not have come from the car because of the enter and exit wounds. The comments said that the man who was the intended victim of the drive-by shooting was in the house across the street----which corresponded with the shot that killed the poor woman. This house was also where the cops found a smoking gun hidden in the dryer-----yet according to the comments the evidence from the autopsy wasn't isn't permissable during the trial! 

So why do some of you people get on here and act like an autopsy proves everything without a shadow of a doubt when an autopsy in these joke Courts isn't even allowed as evidence in a murder trial? My opinion-----the results of an autopsy all depends on the personal agenda. Of course the autopsy on this young man is going to say he lifted the gun at the deputies-----------but if he really did is something only the cops and God knows. 


Good start here..   the worst thing is the amount of tax payers money going to be spent putting up with the familys lawsuits and claims in court.  You know in their minds they are thinking "ching ching" when suing the county.  Wrongfull death..  Murder...   LOL...   2+2=4     raise gun at cops ..  Cops defend themselves because they have no idea what's in his head..    guy dies..   easy as that. 

Why they didn't wait it out, that I cannot say for certain.  But the fact of the matter is they were called.  They tried to help difuse the situation.  I dont know one cop that would enter a house in a situation like that thinking they are going to shoot anyone.  ask any cops that same question, and you'll get the same answer.  They were "protecting themselves" ..  lets get that right people.    And lets get that right family...

An official Appology should be given to the officers by the family..  maybe not yet, but I'm sure the fact will come out on this topic, and I only hope the fam sucks it up and admits they acted quickly and out of emotion.   Nothing can bring their boy back, and I feel for them.   But lets not put on this show family and waste the countys time and money just trying to get rich. 


Just my oppinion, and not fact here..  just my oppinion...


I will have to wait for the Ragister's version of this story. But here is an earlier story from the Fremont paper.




I would like to see the weapon if Bryan's blood was not cleaned off. Was the room where Bryan was lighted or was it dark? I have a feeling that the autopsy will not release all of the details. Did any of the bullets strike the shotgun that Bryan was holding?

Jones, who was killed by Sandusky County sheriff's deputies July 11 after a standoff at his parents' home, was shot at least three times. Medical examiners from Lucas County recovered three bullets, and more fragments were found in Jones' right arm.

One bullet entered the left side of the head near the temple. One entered near the left shoulder, puncturing the lung and aorta. A third entered the left side of the lower chest, penetrating his stomach.

All of the wounds showed a bullet trajectory from low to high and from the left to right side of the body, the report said.

The preliminary autopsy findings were released to Sandusky County Coroner Dr. John Wukie last Thursday. The News-Messenger was allowed to view it Wednesday, but was not permitted to take notes while viewing the report.

Why couldn't the Fremont paper take notes? Bullet fragments in Jones' right arm? Did the fragments come from bullets hitting the shotgun?

hancrack me up

 He may have raised it, but did he point it? Maybe he was raising his hands to surrender or something? Again, hick cops need to learn what tear or knockout gas is & quit being Sgt. Fury.


hancrack, this goes to show how uneducated you must be.  it doesn't matter if he pointed it at them.    Your a cop, entering a room that you have no clue what's on the other side of the door.   Dude raises gun, and you have no idea what his intentions are at all.  Your trained to take him down to any extent, it's call defense.  As a cop you have no idea what your getting into and I have all the respect in the world for them because of the dangers they put themselves in everyday.     "hick cops", I think you need to learn when it's a good time to just say nothing, because comments like that just show how uneducated you truely are....

Taxed Enough Already

 The part that everyone is missing here.  The very parents that are complaining about what the officers did are the same ones that called the police.  They must have felt threatened or frightened or they would not have done that.  So in my honest opinion they have no one to blame but themselves.  Any time some one is that intoxicated and waving around a firearm there is cause to be concerned.  The parents were concerned either for their own lives or that of their son.  The officers were concerned (and rightfully so) so they took the precautions necessary to save their lives and that of their colleagues.  People all the time do this as a method of suicide.  Maybe he was so intoxicated he did not know what he was doing and no one will know that for sure.  The police were right and the parents are WRONG it's just that simple.


RE: Julie R...It's called forensic science and it's come a long way since 20 years ago.



Forgive our resident comment hijacking person on here folks, it is hard to get good tv reception when your house is wrapped in tin foil

Julie R.

ragtop66: What does a coroner have to do with forensic science?  A coroner is far removed from being an expert in that field but it appears like this is what the BCI want all the sheep to believe. Case closed.


Yes, but couldn't his hands have been raised with out the gun as in giving himself up?


Ya know, is it any wonder that politics and religion carry such passions? Here you have a clear cut case and no two people can agree on what should have happened and who's responsible for the result.

Chung Lee has a very good saying that goes something like "Man makes decision, knows he did right. Two men can't make decision and neither figure why other is idiot!"

Let's see Congress has how many members?

How many different religions are there?

Go figure!



Know why it takes three people to replace a light bulb?

The third to break up the argument regarding which way to screw it in!

Sarah goes back to her soaps now!

Woody Hayes


She has to have a mind in order for it to be feeble. What does a coroner have to with forensic science, really Juliebeth, are you that dense?