Man arrested for committing sex acts on Put-in-Bay

Mentor man knew victim was "in no shape to consent," police report says
Alex Green
Jun 20, 2014

A Mentor man was arrested for committing sex acts against a woman's will, Put-in-Bay police said.

Todd McBride, 27, of the 6700 block Kirkwood Drive, was charged with sexual imposition, a third-degree misdemeanor.

Police were informed that an intoxicated female was unconscious in DeRivera Park on Put-in-Bay during the early hours of June 14, a police report said.

Officers went to the park where they noticed a leg sticking out from behind a tree, the report said.

They walked over to see McBride on top of the woman, the report said.

Officers observed the alleged victim's dress over her stomach and her undergarments exposed, the report said.

"(McBride) was positioned in a manner which would allow for unwanted sexual conduct," the report said.

The alleged victim's boyfriend witnessed the alleged act and began kicking McBride as police questioned McBride, the report said. The boyfriend was temporarily handcuffed.

The boyfriend said McBride was harassing the woman all night, at one point saying he would have sex with her, when they were all at a nearby bar, the report said. 

Police then questioned the alleged victim who "was in no shape to consent to any sex act," the report said.

McBride said he knew the woman was drunk, police said.

She declined medical treatment, the report said.

Police spoke with another witness, according to the report, who said he saw a woman running through the park when a man took her to the ground.

McBride began committing sex acts, the witness said.

The witness then signaled with a flashlight for police to come and help, the report said.

McBride was released from the Put-in-Bay police department around 4 a.m. The report did not state whether McBride was released on bond. 



Charging him with rape musta been too difficult. It's not like police and witnesses caught him in the act or anything.

Licorice Schtick

Look how much better unbridled alcohol use makes our live. Let's legalize more drugs.


Pot doesn't do that to you and if it does it's not pot!

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go to this link and type in this report number 14-013228


Another Mentor scumbag on Put In Bay. I hope they do charge him with rape and whatever else they can pin on the dumba$$ and then let her boy friend kick him in his privates a few times.

Stop It

In Put In Bay, rape is legal and murder is legal. Just don't pi$$ in the park


2907.02..orc.rape-sexual conduct...2907.06..orc si-sexual contact...look at difference in each crime before you blast people. Is there shady stuff taking page with the locals.. Yes. In this case it does not appear to be as such

Simply Amazed

I love how some drunk tries to rape a woman and no one says he should rot in jail or die. These are some of the comments I've read about the so called "junkies" when they commit a crime. This is just another example of the worst drug on the planet and how people conduct themselves under the influence.


He should rot in jail! Typically I don't wish people to die, so I won't go that far. That punishment doesn't fit the crime IMO.

From the Grave

If you walked around a bad neighborhood at night counting a wad of cash, and got robbed, nobody would feel sorry for you...


So are you trying to rationalize the man sexually assualting that poor woman because she was intoxicated!?

From the Grave

Of course not. But she may want to question her own actions and behavior for the future.


Being intoxicated never justifies a sexual assault. Not legally, not ethically, not ever.

No way. A woman should never have to question her actions for the reason for a sexual assault or rape. If no consent is given, then there are no questions asked. I'm appalled that you think that her actions and behaviors led to her sexual assault.

From the Grave

You're appalled. That's funny. Do I have to repeat myself for you to understand? If you pass out from excessive alcohol consumption, you leave yourself open to various assaults. I'm saying that she should take her own well being more seriously in the future. In no way am I saying that any sexual assault is ever justified. But certainly, in this case, avoidable.


PIB=binge drinking. It's that simple. Its a real problem there. I'm sure the locals will claim this as a rare occurance, all while profiting on serving the over-intoxicated with no regard for THIER responsibility in this eqaution.


please don't stay at my motel.


A third degree misdemeanor (basically just above a traffic ticket) for sexually assaulting a passed out woman in a public park after stalking and harassing her prior to the attack. Warning signs should be posted on PIB warning women that it is open season on them.


Should also be warning signs to NOT DRINK SO MUCH YOU PASS OUT. I do not condone what happened, but please do not drink so much you have no idea what you are doing either. I have never understood the fun in getting that wasted.


Sure it's stupid behavior but as a society we protect stupid people from predators all the time.

Many people are profiting off of encouraging excessive drinking and creating a dangerous situation. Compounding that is a police department that doesn't take sex crimes seriously because it would be bad for business interests on the Island.

I think it's only a matter of time until somebody starts suing the bars for liability related to sexual assaults.

From the Grave

I just saw this FB post by the Beer Barrel at PIB


This jerk should thought of others and sick of sick people like him to ruin everyone else's time.. I mean.. REALLY!!


well stated Babo, however I can see the difficulty in trying to narrow it down to only one bar.


The bar owners are pretty clannish.


................explain "clannish".....


This is crazy! The cop should have let the boyfriend kick him a few more times then send everyone on their way!


Put-in-bay is a disgrace after dark. The island go's from a fun place during the day to a island full of drunks and losers at night.


So, what was the boyfriend doing this whole time, watching? Why didn't he try to get the jerk off his girlfriend? Called police and stood around till they arrived and then got big and bad. He's a loser to.


I say hang EM naked by the short hairs, and give the boyfriend a BigAsk golf club, for starters!


Nail his junk to a tree trunk give him a knife and set fire around him!


Are you real sure the boyfriend wasn't friends with the dude and wanted to watch until they got caught. Don't believe the boyfriend (so he says he's the boyfriend) is all that innocent in it. Remember another witness called the police in, not the boyfriend and why didn't he? Maybe figured he'd jump on after other guy and wouldn't be blamed for a rape. (The alleged victim's boyfriend witnessed the alleged act and began kicking McBride as police questioned McBride, the report said.)That is after the fact isn't it?


His junk likely wasn't big enough to nail anyway. 30 second Todd!


We need to stop teaching girls how not to get raped, because that doesn’t work. If you are going to talk to your daughter about getting raped you also need to talk to your son about getting consent.