Man arrested for committing sex acts on Put-in-Bay

Mentor man knew victim was "in no shape to consent," police report says
Alex Green
Jun 20, 2014

A Mentor man was arrested for committing sex acts against a woman's will, Put-in-Bay police said.

Todd McBride, 27, of the 6700 block Kirkwood Drive, was charged with sexual imposition, a third-degree misdemeanor.

Police were informed that an intoxicated female was unconscious in DeRivera Park on Put-in-Bay during the early hours of June 14, a police report said.

Officers went to the park where they noticed a leg sticking out from behind a tree, the report said.

They walked over to see McBride on top of the woman, the report said.

Officers observed the alleged victim's dress over her stomach and her undergarments exposed, the report said.

"(McBride) was positioned in a manner which would allow for unwanted sexual conduct," the report said.

The alleged victim's boyfriend witnessed the alleged act and began kicking McBride as police questioned McBride, the report said. The boyfriend was temporarily handcuffed.

The boyfriend said McBride was harassing the woman all night, at one point saying he would have sex with her, when they were all at a nearby bar, the report said. 

Police then questioned the alleged victim who "was in no shape to consent to any sex act," the report said.

McBride said he knew the woman was drunk, police said.

She declined medical treatment, the report said.

Police spoke with another witness, according to the report, who said he saw a woman running through the park when a man took her to the ground.

McBride began committing sex acts, the witness said.

The witness then signaled with a flashlight for police to come and help, the report said.

McBride was released from the Put-in-Bay police department around 4 a.m. The report did not state whether McBride was released on bond. 



Are you real sure the boyfriend wasn't friends with the dude and wanted to watch until they got caught. Don't believe the boyfriend (so he says he's the boyfriend) is all that innocent in it. Remember another witness called the police in, not the boyfriend and why didn't he? Maybe figured he'd jump on after other guy and wouldn't be blamed for a rape. (The alleged victim's boyfriend witnessed the alleged act and began kicking McBride as police questioned McBride, the report said.)That is after the fact isn't it?


His junk likely wasn't big enough to nail anyway. 30 second Todd!


We need to stop teaching girls how not to get raped, because that doesn’t work. If you are going to talk to your daughter about getting raped you also need to talk to your son about getting consent.