Man, 38, accused of raping girl, 14

Report: Suspect was staying with victim's mother while he weaned himself off pills and cocaine
Courtney Astolfi
May 31, 2014

A Bellevue-area man was arrested this week for the alleged sexual assault of a 14-year-old Perkins Township girl in October, as well as allegedly showing her pornography.

Shawn Miller, 38, of the 800 block of Flat Rock Road, was charged with three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and one count of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile. Miller lived in Perkins Township at the time of the alleged offense.

The 14-year-old Beatty Avenue girl disclosed the alleged acts to a teacher and counselor in mid-October, according to a Perkins police report.

The girl's mother, who was a co-worker of Miller's, had allowed Miller to move into their Beatty Avenue home for a few weeks while he recovered from pill and cocaine abuse issues, Miller told police.

It was during that time Miller allegedly fondled the girl inappropriately, performed sex acts on her and had her perform sex acts on him, the report said.

Those events occurred at least three times, the girl told police, according to the report.

In one instance, Miller stopped the alleged acts because his own mother came by to visit, the report said.

In another instance, Miller allegedly used the girl's mother's sex toy on the teen.

The girl also said “Shawn told her that he was putting pills in (her mother's) drink so (her mother) would pass out so he could be with (the girl) again,” according to the report.

He also allegedly showed her porn on her mother's laptop.

Investigators later spoke with the girl's friend, who said the girl told her Miller suggested a threesome with the pair, the report said.

Perkins officers soon rounded up Miller for an interview and later conducted a lie detector examination.

Miller vehemently denied the sexual abuse allegations, saying the girl's mental health problems made her jealous he was living with them and she simply wanted him out of the house.

Miller went on to say the girl may have seen him having intercourse with her mother and that he'd hugged and kissed the girl in a non-sexual manner, the report said.

Further, Miller first disclosed he never saw the girl naked — other than one instance in which she was leaving the shower — but later Miller said she “flashed” him.

The pair also had explicit sexual conversations, Miller told police.

But when Miller underwent a computer voice stress analyzer test, officers detected deception when they asked Miller about oral contact with the girl, the report said.

The case was presented to an Erie County grand jury in May, which indicted him on four felony charges.

Perkins police received a reckless driver complaint Monday night on U.S. 250 and found Miller was the driver involved. They arrested him at a Milan Road gas station on his outstanding indictments and took him to the Erie County jail.

Miller remains behind bars on $65,000 bond.




From the Grave

I think in cases like this(and I believe that it's fairly common),that the mother should be held equally accountable for allowing this man into their home, and should also be prosecuted. AND she should permanently lose custody of her daughter.


I too,think the mother should be held accountable,as well.

the rantmaster

give me a break, why should she be punished? you don't think she is going to have to live with this forever. the mother made a horrible judgement call but please, she had no malicious intent on her child being raped by some piece of crap pedophile. this kid is going to need her mom now more than ever. I'm sure she will live with this guilt till the day she dies. i know its hard to believe but there may actually still be people in this world that believe they can help other people, grant it its a naive way to think these days but it is possible. have any of you thought that maybe this woman was just trying to genuinely help someone. she did not intend on this happening to her daughter. shoot you all should check out the story in the Norwalk Reflector about the guy who slept with a young girl, they all seem to condone that type of behavior down there, at least you guys are hating on this guy unlike the article from there

Whiskey in a Teacup

What were the four felony charges?


"The girl's mother, who was a co-worker of Miller's, had allowed Miller to move into their Beatty Avenue home for a few weeks while he recovered from pill and cocaine abuse issues"

What part of that was smart? Sounds like this was really preventable if the mother showed some sense.


it saddens me that this type of scum was allowed access to a child and now the circle begins. another child harmed with no recourse. abused becomes abuser more often than not. I pray that she will get help to get her through this.

the rantmaster

welp another a$$ crack fact pulled straight from the stink factory. there are thousands of kids that have been abused that have grown up to not be abusers, more so than those who have, so don't start labeling abused kids. this sick perversion is something these freaks are born with, its not passed down and taught.


Chop his flippin head off, and toss him in the dumpster.


This doesn't happen in Perkins, the address must be wrong. Casterat him and shove his nuts down his throat!






Yowser's..... I'm glad we have jury trials where a plethora of evidence will be brought forth & presented.
In the words of Forest Gump
"That's all I have to say about that."


Put him in a tank of sharks so they can have oral contact with him!


Love it!


Good job mom bringing junkies around the kids.