Man sentenced to four years community-controlled sanctions.

Police: Man attempted to rape woman in August
Courtney Astolfi
May 28, 2014


A Sandusky man who was caught in the act by his sexual assault victim's son will not be serving jail time for his crimes.

Timothy McClinton, 32, of the 1400 block of Judy Lane, will instead be serving four years of community-controlled sanctions, according to court documents.

In mid-August, McClinton and a woman returned to her Pearl Street home after a night of drinking and the heavily-intoxicated woman passed out in bed a short while later.

Noticing the front door ajar, and thinking that his mother's guest had left for the night, the woman's 14-year-old son looked in on her to make sure she was alright, Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell said at the time.

When the boy peered inside his mother's room, he found McClinton in the act of assaulting her.

The boy kicked McClinton out and alerted a family member, who later confronted McClinton on the street, Newell said.

McClinton then retrieved a gun, returned to the Pearl Street home and allegedly fired off a few rounds when the boy refused to let him in.

Sandusky police charged McClinton with rape a few days later, but he was never arrested on weapons charges.

An Erie County grand jury later saw fit to drop the rape charge and indict McClinton for attempted rape and attempted burglary instead.

He accepted a deal in late March, agreeing to plead guilty to one fourth-degree felony count of attempted gross sexual imposition.

At McClinton's sentencing hearing on Thursday, his defense attorney, Chris Carroll, asked Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette for leniency, citing a variety of factors.

McClinton has a minimal prior record, Carroll argued, and both he and the victim have different versions of the events that August night.

Carroll mentioned that both were drinking— the woman, heavily.

He also commented on the fact McClinton's wife was present at every court hearing.

Assistant Erie County prosecutor Aaron Lindsey, while satisfied with the community-controlled sanctions, did say McClinton's lack of remorse stood out.

“(There was) serious psychological injury to the victim and her son. The son of the victim walking in and seeing that is easily going to stay with him for the rest of his life,” Lindsey said.

Under his newly imposed sanctions, McClinton will undergo intensive-supervision probation, attend substance-abuse treatment with a special focus on sexual assault and must submit to random drug testing.

He'll also be considered a Tier I sex offender and be required to register as such.

If he violates the terms of his sanctions, McClinton could serve 17 months in prison.  



What does McClinton's wife being at his hearings POSSIBLY have to do with anything?


Welcome to our rape culture. This guy walks but a person with some weed on them does time. Disgusting.

Stop It

I used to hear that about Sandusky all the time growing up. Murder is ok, rape is ok, just don't get caught with a doobie or peeing behind a building.


Or simple theft crimes like forging 4 checks at $100.00 each that will get you fours years in prison from Binette if you're female. His sentencing invariably does little to protect women and children when they are victims yet he sentences women and children harshly when they commit crimes.

Julie R.

What does his wife being present at every court hearing have to do with anything? Was the attorney trying to say if his wife could forgive him for the attempted rape of some drunk woman, the court should also forgive him?

If so, typical attorney. Typical court to go along with it, too.


cut his nards off

Stop It

If they had done that earlier, his wife would not have been showing up for his court dates. I agree with Jules. Why does that count or matter?

William Jeffers...

He fired off a few rounds but was never arrested on weapons charge?


Or for the crimes he committed against the 14 year old boy. There was no thought given to the impact on the 14 year old boy witnessing his mother being sexually assaulted and the fear created by firing weapons.

Again, I bet the victims are black and the court and prosecutor don't care about them as victims. If masturbating with a 12 year old to porn is a crime in Sandusky County as it should be then certainly exposing a 14 year old boy to a live sexual assault on his mother and later firing a few rounds ought to be crimes too.

Whiskey in a Teacup

This is so disheartening on so many levels. I have spent all day thinking about this news. It is disgusting to me, this outcome and the description of how they got there.
But what has my heart heavy is the lack of accountability to the boy. What are we doing here? Oh my, the lasting impressions...
And at the heart of the age that so many local youth are struggling. This decision only helps perpetuate the current conditions our community is dealing with in regard to teens, in my opinion


Well he's just a beginner in the criminal business......the court can get serious the next time he comes before them....probably in about 6 months.


He had a rough childhood. He needs a break, he is a fine husband and baby daddy!


Piece of cr*p raping a woman, then when her son tries to help he comes back shooting the place up. Erie county courts suck. This is obvious. He's gonna strike again thanks to the court.


Jail House Snitch! Maybe they felt bad for him since the jail co's told him over the intercom stop calling the detectives! Few minutes later he got beat down!