Man, 22, accused of raping girl, 12

A Fremont man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl in a Perkins Township hotel room earlier this month
Courtney Astolfi
May 22, 2014


Nicholas Wohn, 22, of the 700 block of S. Buchanan St. in Fremont, was charged with one count of rape, a first-degree felony.

Wohn, his wife, and their two young children traveled to Maui Sands the weekend of May 10, bringing along a 12-year-old Toledo-area girl acquainted with the family, Perkins police Detective Jonah Roesch said.

The group spent their Saturday enjoying the water park and eventually retreated back to their room to eat and relax.

Wohn and his family later decided to head back down to the park after dinner, but the girl opted to stay behind, Roesch said.

At some point, Wohn separated from his kids and wife and went back to their room. It was then the alleged assault occurred.

“Immediately after the rape, the wife came back with the children. She didn’t walk in on anything” Roesch said. “She just noticed the suspect standing in his boxer shorts”

After the family left the following day, Wohn’s wife told the girl’s mother about the alleged incident.

“The wife was suspicious that something had happened and the victim was taken home,” Roesch said.

The girl’s mother took her child to a Toledo hospital for a sexual assault kit and Toledo police soon reached out to local authorities, Roesch said.

During the course of the investigation, Roesch discovered Wohn and the girl had allegedly exchanged inappropriate sexual messages via social media prior to the assault.

Investigators and social workers interviewed the girl, who confirmed what police had already suspected, Roesch said.

Roesch also interviewed Wohn and, on Tuesday, he admitted to the alleged assault.

Detectives acquired no other information that would lead them to believe Wohn’s alleged crimes against the girl were ongoing, or that an assault had occurred prior to the Maui Sands trip, Roesch said.

The case will, however, be presented to a grand jury for further possible charges, Roesch said.

Wohn was arrested after his interview and taken to the Erie County jail. He remains there on $25,000 bond.



700 block of South Buchanan Street is Delaware Acres Subsy Housing. So this guy lives in Subsy housing but can afford to take his family and victim to Kalahari, nice.


Story said Maui Sands. I am sure it is a bit cheaper, but all the same. We cannot afford to take family on mini vacations. Maybe they won tickets?! LOL


Sick bast ard needs to prison and never get out


I am not condoning his behavior by any stretch of the imagination and agree that he should be locked up but, him and the victim have been exchanging inappropriate sexual messages through social media before this? So maybe that was the plan for her to lag behind and he join her. Which I find very disturbing and sick. Maybe victim's mom should monitor her social networking, maybe there are more. Like I said, not condoning just saying.


I noticed that in the article also. Little girls need to learn when you play with fire you can get burned. My husband has dealt with a couple of cases with cellphones and inappropriate texts. Some were consensual some were not. Kids need to learn this is not a game. Grown men need to be put away for what they find entertaining. The wife "was suspicious"? Why would she not keep a closer eye on the child? This is happening way too often.


While it's patently obvious that NO sexual relationship with a child can be consensual, it's just as obvious that no 12 year-old should be on the Internet unsupervised.

I certainly don't blame the victim, here, nor do I blame her parents. The man who WAS privy to what was happening, and who apparently DID take advantage, is the bad guy here! But that doesn't mean this wasn't a preventable crime and that the parents couldn't have been the ones to prevent it.


My comment of "some were consensual and some were not" was about inappropriate text messages. My husband has dealt with a few cases of teens/kids and grown men having inappropriate conversations, pictures, relationships, whatever you want to call it. Some were perpetuated by both sides, some were not. I agree with you completely that NO relationship with a child is consensual. I just did not know what other word to use. Some teens think that no harm is done when having this kind of relationship with a grown man on social media. At 12 that is still a CHILD. At 16, 17 they know a little more of how the world works and should know better, but still a child. ANY grown man (or woman, heck they do it too) knows better. In any sense it is disgusting and they should be locked away. There is more than one adult in this situation that should have seen a few red flags and could have stopped this.


Hang his sorry azz. A grade schooler ? What a hunk a cr@p

Stop It

I dunno. I don't get the whole thing about an adult having sex with a child, consensual or not. It ain't right and that man needs beat around the head until he is senseless. Then take him to the hospital and bring his senses back with the hope of straightening some things out to be thought out before bad stuff happens.

If I were that girl's parents there would be a lawsuit. A 12 yr old doesn't have the sense of a fifty cent piece.


By engaging in victim-blaming attitudes, society allows the rapist to perpetrate sexual assault while avoiding accountability for his actions.