Pastor facing rape charges

Indicted for similar crimes in 2012
Courtney Astolfi
May 16, 2014
A Sandusky pastor who dodged a child rape conviction last year was indicted yet again this month for allegedly raping a young girl and fondling a young boy at his church a decade ago.

Richard Mick, 52, of the 8000 block Ohio 101, is now facing two counts of rape and two counts of gross sexual imposition for the alleged incidents.

Both of the victims were about 8 years old when Mick allegedly abused them, and both were parishioners of his congregation, Lighthouse Baptist Church.

Both are now teenage adults.

Mick was charged with similar crimes — two counts of rape — in 2012 for allegedly raping another young parishioner on two occasions years ago.

The boy victim came forward with his story this past winter, after Erie County assistant prosecutor Mary Ann Barylski asked Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette to dismiss the original case, citing a lack of evidence.    

The girl, however, came forward with her story at the same time the other young parishioner did in 2012.

“Based on the ongoing investigation, talking with the victim and reviewing the expert reports, the state submits that the state cannot prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt,” Barylski stated in a court document when the original charges were dropped.

The state may have to contend with similar evidential circumstances in this case as well, as a substantial amount of time has passed since the incidents allegedly occurred.

The Bellevue-area girl Mick is now accused of raping told Sandusky police Detective Ken Nixon there were two instances in which Mick allegedly abused her — both occurring on church grounds.

She recalled the abuse happening on days her family attended church services, Nixon said.

Meanwhile, the Sandusky boy Mick allegedly fondled said those incidents occurred two or three times.

At the time, the 8-year-old boy occasionally had accidents. Mick allegedly accompanied the child into the bathroom to help him change his clothes, but would inappropriately touch him while doing so, Nixon said.

Both of the children’s parents had no inkling of the abuse at the time — nor did other church members, Nixon said.

“There’s no reason to believe anyone else knew about the acts” Nixon said.

Mick has yet to be interviewed for the recent case because he asked for a lawyer when confronted with the previous case in 2012, Nixon said.

The girl’s case was not sent to a grand jury until recently because she moved out of state shortly after she told police of the alleged abuse in 2012, Nixon said.

Mick was arrested Thursday morning and taken to the Erie County jail. He’s being held on $140,000 bond.



Finally, it's about time he has been arrested for these crimes. I hope the jury find all the eveidence believeble enough to find him guilty. I attended this church for a brief time in my youth & a couple time in my teenage years. I'm not one for Baptist churches, there ways of preaching are stranget to me. I'm more of on the Catholic side of choosing a church. But after knowing Mick on a perDonal level, I never felt comfortable around that man. He's such a weird man to me, the vibes were felt there. Also I don't understand how he got away with being alone with the girls, because when I was 15-16girls could not be alone with a boy/man at that church. At least that's what he said when a girl was waiting for her parents & could not wait inside. Well all I can say is I am happy he's behind bars for however long he is. He can't immorally run his church now.


you are telling the truth about that, but those rules only applied to certain people, they certainly didn't apply to his female youth leaders.


So many weirdos. So little time.


off the subject. Since you are more on the catholic side you should be use to this kind of thing by now. Walk in the park for you.. No matter what this should not happen. Especially at a time when people are there to let there gaurd down spending time and talking to their lord and savior. Dont get your panties in a bunch all you strong catholics my comments are not to stir your pot i was just trying to say no matter where its unacceptable! Atleast u can be happy Hi Hello its not a Catholic church this time! smh

indolent indiff...

I am enjoying the implosion of Christianity.


Gawd works in mysterious weighs


I can assure you Christianity is alive and well. Don't judge God by fallen men.


Christianity is alive, but for me, it's in the same category as the Easter Bunny, Santa and the Loch Ness Monster. Anything which can be professed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence...


Coaster, Proverbs 16:4, Romans 9 and John 15 describes your spiritual position perfectly. I find it very sad that according to these chapters and many others that you are powerless to believe on your own, therefore its logical to conclude that you are not one of Gods called or chosen. According to John, if you were called or chosen then you would see the light as He is in the light, instead your total purpose in life is to fulfill Proverbs 16:4, unless of course God calls you later in the future

"For by grace are you saved through FAITH, and 'THAT' (FAITH) not of yourselves, its a gift of God lest any man should think they have the right to boast about their faith". Believe me, I don't condemn you for your paganism, currently you just aren't one of Gods chosen and therefore He has not yet or possibly wont revealed Himself too. Again, you have the same purpose as Judas and Proverbs 16:4.
Truly, I pity you Coaster along with others, the Bible says those outside of faith in Christ are dead spiritually, and we know that something that is dead can't make decisions and if your dead spiritually you can't decide for Christ. Pretty hopeless for non-believers unless the SPIRIT of God draws them to God.

I suspect you will continue your attack upon Christ, its your nature. "You will be hated by all non believing men for my names sake" Jesus. And "They will hate you because they really hate me first". So, your doing just what Jesus said you will do. Pretty cool when one thinks about how you fit into the chess game and you believe and think your making yourself move on the board.


Oh no....."the bible says". Paganism is OLDER than Christianity. Personally I do not condemn you for your Christianity either. Why is it that Those of you that are such good Christians can not just leave those that are not following your good book alone? Why do you feel the need to condemn anyone that is not Christian like yourself? Just because someone does not follow Christ you think they are attacking Christ? That is the JOY of living in America....we do not have a CENTRAL religion, we are not ruled or governed by a religion. We are free to follow ANY religion, or none at all.


Must be sad to be so confused ladydye_5. It was and always is CoasterFan that starts the mud slinging, slander and insults.

I must ask, why did you not ask Coster your question over the many years he has attacked the Christian doctrines and the people who follow them? Hmmm, seems like there are more hippocrates than this pastor!

Also, your post calls it the 'good book" do you believe it? I conclude not because your accusations in question form is answered in the Good Book. And strange how YOU who call it a good book fail to realize Jesus asked the same question, 'Why do you call me good and do not the things I command you" or how about the one that says, "If you deny me before me i will deny you before the Father", these two verses should answer your question, but I'm sure you won't settle for it because you honestly don't want an answer, your post was meant as a derogatory statement against something that you personally refuse to deal with in your own life.

When or if you ever read the 'good book' you will understand it reveals from Genesis to Revelation people who defended it, Christ and His teachings and was full of warnings, yet you ask such a question full of ignorance? It also commands the followers to spread the word and compel people such as yourself to wake up and consider its teachings. Millions have done it in the past and were murdered, and millions more will continue to do so. It wasn't the thieves that Crucified Christ, it was the ones who claimed to be religious as yourself calling the bible a "good book' but never reading or comprehending its context. Your blessed that you still have some time left, but who knows when that will end.


I called it "your good book", not mine. There is a difference. Don't worry I am not sad in any way. I have never claimed to be religious. Yes I have time left to live my life the way I want. I do not need a book or a command to tell me how to do it. I do not need religion telling me how to do it. You do realize that the bible is not proven or unproven. It has went thru many translations. Just how many versions are there? Every religion has a version they follow. You can translate it any way you want really. It is JUST A BOOK.


There's lots of evidence for a historical Jesus.


God says to prove him. Read your Bible, you will find out how he will prove himself to you. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.


Why, Do you like the explosions of the Muslims better?


I would have respected you more had you said religion as opposed to singling out Christianity. Do you prefer Islam? Whoa cuz there are far more atrocities committed in the name of that religion, actually I don't believe this man or any other Christian has committed these acts in the name of. Are you another angry leftist ? If so change your stage name, doesn't fit.


Beware of false prophets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????


Churches exist because of profits, rather than prophets...



Good 2 B Me

True Story!!


@coaster...just like everything else.


To judge Christianity for this is like judging it for Judas's evil deeds.... not much difference.

I was going to recommend they put him on suicide watch, but knowing him he's praying for the destruction of the victims and those who arrested him, he really is a nut job.


sounds like you have had some personal experience with him too.

indolent indiff...

Truth, to use the bible as proof? that's as funny as your belief system


Right. You can't use the Bible as proof that the Bible is correct.


Your post has no purpose but to insult and offers no defense to your claims, at least post something of value,

PROVE how the Bible isn't truthful, PROVE that archaeology doesn't use the bible because it has and is accurate in its descriptions and facts. PROVE that the prophesies made to exact completeness is false.

Jesus said he spoke in parables to hide the truth from those He has not chosen, you have clearly shown by your post that this is a true statement, so your down one already.


A lot of people ignore the fact that anatomically, we're identical to most mammals (like cats, dogs, etc). Our bodies work in very similar ways. We have the remnants of a tail and are 98% genetically identical to chimpanzees. We have brains developed enough to be able to contemplate whether there's something out there that created us-- and if you think about it, we're just very advanced animals that luckily have discovered the universe down to the carbon atom. Intelligent design? Maybe. To suggest, however, that God has chosen you to live forever in paradise-- yet, in the same breath, teach that he condemns morally unacceptable behavior and punishes us for it for eternity-- is conflicting. Why would this god create earth, then let satan fall from grace and influence billions of people- starting with Adam and Eve- to do wrong for thousands of years and let all this tragedy occur if he could have just wiped out Satan and started all over again from square one? Didn't he know this was going to happen to begin with? Why are there so many religions that teach totally different concepts-- couldn't god program in our minds that there is only one god and only one truth? Are we sure that these people who wrote the bible were psychologically healthy? Why are there so many 'meanings' behind one single verse? This sadistic excuse for a pastor and Christian nonsense are just that-nonsense.


Your first mistake is trying to assign a human explanation to the question of life, God, why. If we could figure it out we would be God.

What religions teach totally different concepts? Most have strikingly similar teachings, maybe a few sects get way out there, but not religions.

Most folks don't like religion because it asks you to do things that are difficult, to examine your behavior, give of your money and time...,. That's fine if you don't want to but keep your detest for your friends.


I'm not assigning an explanation, I'm shedding light on a taboo subject. And no- I'm talking about religions like Christianity and Hinduism, Muslim, Paganism-- no two have any similarity. And it's not that I don't like religion, it's just a way to get people to act the way the religious founders wanted them to act.


I HOPE THIS WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP ROTS IN JAIL!!! A church is suppose to be a safe place and this so called leader of God took advantage of harmless children!