Judge sends child rapist to prison

Binette shows no mercy; gives him 18 years in prison
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 5, 2014


A man who raped and sexually abused a child for years was sentenced this past week to 18 years in prison.

“Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year she lived in shame and in a prison of fear” Erie CountyCommon Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette told Raymond Smith moments before handing Smith a prison sentence of his own. “She didn’t do anything wrong; you did”    Smith, 38, will also have to register with the state as a Tier 3 child sex offender for the rest of his life after he serves out his sentence.

Smith started sexually abusing the child before she was a teenager, and the abuse continued for five years.

Before sentencing, public defender Jeff Whitacre asked Binette to consider community control, a lenient sentence or possibly judicial release sometime in the future, saying Smith had “taken ownership” for his mistakes and was actively involved in a treatment program for sex offenders.

“The defendant can certainly continue his treatment in prison,” Binette responded.

Smith was originally charged with six counts of rape and six counts of sexual battery. He agreed to plead guilty to four counts of sexual battery with the other charges being dropped. Binette sentenced him to 54 months on each count to be served consecutively.

An adult learned Smith was raping the child and immediately contacted the police. But even after an investigation was begun, Smith texted the girl asking her to meet him for sex once more “for old time’s sake”

He also sent the child a text that stated, “It’s not like I forced you,” according to court documents.

The person who reported the abuse was a hero, Binette said, and he told Smith the seriousness of his crimes demanded a long sentence “to punish you for your behavior and to protect the public from you”



Why does the prosecutor consistently drop rape counts that carry a lot of mandatory time in favor of sexual battery to obtain pleas? I'm thrilled that J. Binette gave this man 18 years by running the sentences consecutive but the fact remains that this man had sex with a child for over 5 years and he ought to be punished for rape.

And what was Public defender Whitacre thinking in asking for probation? I understand that he has to represent his client's interests but requesting probation? What an insult to the victim and trivialization of sex crimes against young girls.

Kudos to J. Binette for finding a way to sentence this man for the truly serious nature of his crimes.


I agree with you. Seems like a sign of weakness from the prosecutor. I do believe this one will end up working out. What goes around does really come around in prison for child rapists. Somehow, I believe that one day he is going to realize his victim's pain.


Babo, I agree, this child will never forget this horrible man ,never .Probation would be a slap in the face for this girl. She can now know in her heart , yes you are believed, you did nothing wrong, this monster will be punished rightfully. Best of luck young lady , rise above this , have a beautiful life.

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"An adult learned Smith was raping the child and immediately contacted the police. But even after an investigation was begun, Smith texted the girl asking her to meet him for sex once more “for old time’s sake”"
-He is a sick mofo!

Thank you Judge Binette for doing all you could by locking this garbage away for as long as the law allowed.


trash typical

Ned Mandingo

looks like this guy is going to switch from predator to victim really soon!!!


why has no one posted this guy's arrest records? We always read on here about how a "certain" race is destroying sandusky and posting everything that can be possible dug up on them. No one talks about these rapist that seems to pop up every other day out here??? And for the "hood" people who think they are gangsters maybe you should go to war with the rapists kind of like killing two birds with one stone!

Julie R.

A good judge is ethical, honest, fair, and follows the law ALL of the time, not just some of the time.


I have no sympathy for anyone who does something like this. The penalty should be far worse than what he got.