Man admits to sexually abusing girl

A Florence Township man was arrested Monday after he admitted to sexually abusing a girl on multiple occasions over a four-year span.
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 28, 2014


William Marton, 63, of the 9500 block of Ohio 60, was charged with rape and gross sexual imposition.


   Last week, the now-teenaged girl disclosed years of ongoing abuse at Marton’s hands, alleging he inappropriately touched her multiple times starting at age 7 and continuing until she was 12 years old, according to Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver.


   The girl also alleged Marton made her touch him inappropriately during that period. The abuse ceased as the girl got older, Oliver said, because she began avoiding Marton when she could.


   When deputies went to Marton’s home to question him Jan. 21, he wasn’t there, and they later received information he had fled the state.


   Marton returned to Ohio sometime in the past week, and reached out to deputies Monday. He told investigators he decided to answer questions after conferring with his pastor, Oliver said.


   During interviews Monday, Marton admitted to touching the girl and making her touch him. Deputies arrested Marton for actions to which he admitted during those interviews, although he’ll likely face more charges in the coming weeks.


   “We anticipate there will be several more charges filed after we present information to a grand jury” Oliver said.


   In the meantime, Marton remains in the Erie County jail without bond. His arraignment is scheduled for this morning.



well, we have a confession. this should be easy. the next step should be sentencing, then off to prison. it's 11:17 am now, still time to get this done before lunchtime..




His mistake is not being a buddy of the County Prosecutor, and not being a State Trooper. THEN it would be ok it seems.

COURTNEY! Follow up on Vitte! They need to have someone else write these beat pieces and send you out to continue investigating!


another childs life ruined.