Teen reports assault by family friend in Sandusky home

Sandusky police are investigating an alleged sexual assault that occurred in December at a Campbell Street home.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 9, 2014


The victim, an 18-year-old Sandusky man, told police a 36-year-old man who is friends with his family made him perform a sexual act in the man’s home, Sandusky police detective Ken Nixon said.

The alleged perpetrator is a registered sex offender, Nixon said.

On Dec. 30, the 18-year-old went to Sandusky police with his account of the incident, which occurred about two weeks before that date, Nixon said.

The 36-year-old suspect allegedly coerced the teenager into performing the act, threatening physical repercussions if he didn’t comply, Nixon said.

Detectives are still waiting to interview the suspect and no charges have yet been filed.


seriously 1137

The suspect who has a history hasn't been interviewed yet? Is it really a good idea to report on this yet? For the alleged victims sake...


Why was this info even released to the paper DURING an investigation? Something is off here...


the only thing off here is your assumption that something is off here. the alleged victim was not mentioned by name and neither was the suspect so why not report it? when you guys get a journalism degree and a job at a paper then you can help decide what gets reported.


You're probably right. The suspect probably thinks it was another Campbell St guy that coerced someone into a sexual act in December. No way you could put all this together.

The victim's safety SHOULD be taken into consideration. If the victim felt threatened enough to perform the act, probably feels pretty vulnerable right about now.

seriously 1137

My point was if the alleged suspect hasn't even been interviewed yet, why put this in the paper when he could see it and possibley flee before police make contact with him. Even without names for people involved its not hard for them to put two and two together. This opinion is based soley on whats reported...if the police have made contact with suspect and just haven't interviewed him yet then that's different. But if they haven't then no it shouldn't be reported. It doesn't take a degree in journalism, that's common sense.


You are 18 yr old, that is a little old to let someone talk you into performing sex acts on them without being physically forced too. Something does seem off here that's for sure..


Agreed! We need more info on this. The kid should have bit it off!


Blaming the victim, AEversole? The victim stated that he was threatened with physical repercussions. A lot of rapes, on adult people, happen that way.

Truth or Dare

They wouldn't understand that sfoley3603, unless of course they've walked a mile in the shoes of! It's referred to as Re-victimization and happens quite often! Sad, but true. What's also sad but true, the majority of adult rapes go unreported, for this very reason!

Nice heads up here for the suspect, an already registered Sex Offender. Having flashbacks of how the Clinton situation wasn't handled! Then again what would we expect when an address for a registered offender can be "homeless, the wooded area along Old Railroad and W. Perkins"?!

Question; Is the county still sending out post cards of Registered Sex Offenders when they move into neighborhoods? Or, are we at the mercy of the SR and Police Blotter, or access to a home computer to punch in ourselves? Anyone notice all the new registries of late? Campbell street seems to be a magnet for housing Sexual Offenders/Predators! Having family that lives on Campbell St., I've called them 4 times now to let them know a registered offender has moved into their neighborhood, within 1, 2, 3 blocks of their home. Such info. is helpful in better protecting children that just might be playing outside, within their fenced in back yard. I would prefer and would be willing to pay in tax $$$'s for a picture to go with a name, not to mention their new address. They've earned the notoriety.