12-year-old girl suspected in sexual assault of two boys

Sandusky police are looking into a recent sexual assault between a 12-year-old girl and two young boys at a Taylor Street home, according to Sandusky police detective.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 19, 2013

Sandusky police are looking into a recent sexual assault between a 12-year-old girl and two young boys at a Taylor Street home, according to Sandusky police detective Ken Nixon.

Around 5 p.m. Sunday, a resident reported the alleged assault, which occurred while the 12-year-old was helping a relative babysit the boys on Dec. 7, Nixon said.

At some point, the girl was left alone with both boys, ages 7 and 8.

While the girl was with the children, she allegedly instigated oral sexual contact with them, Nixon said.

Interviews with the victims have been arranged with Children’s Services.

Police have yet to speak with the suspect, Nixon said.



Here's the REAL question: How in he11 does a 12 year-old know all about oral sex let alone coerce younger children into the act?

Yes, parents are a very real issue here, and it frankly wouldn't surprise me all that much (sad but true) if she'd witnessed her mother engaging in the same activity, and more than once. But Speedy also makes a valid point! I'm all for sex education, but some of the "lessons" I understand are now being taught to children as young as FIVE are inappropriate at BEST!

This is clearly a symptom of a larger "disease." That being said, should she get away with it? Oh, no, not even a little! The final insult will be if she gets away with a slap on the wrist because of her age. As far as I'm concerned, if you're old enough to commit the crime, you're old enough to be punished APPROPRIATELY for it!


What do you mean how does a 12-year-old know about oral sex? Why would a 12-year-old NOT have proper sex education?


A 12 year old is a 5th or 6th grader! Did you get sex Ed when you were in 5th or 6th grade? My son is in 4th grade and is worried about scooby doo and Pokemon, not oral sex. The parent(s) may not necessarily be to blame in the situation but obviously someone has modeled this kind of behavior to this child. Don't give me the music video and video game crap because no music video or video game I have ever seen has given a tutorial on how to perform oral sex.


With the right unlock codes, GTA does.


A 12-year-old is generally a 7th grader in junior high. I don't know where you get 5th grade from, unless the kids you know have been held back a year or two. Most 7th graders know about oral sex.


Exactly. My mother did not allow me to watch rated R movies unless SHE approved them. like I said parents need to monitor their children better and quit partying every night.(every night or not is irrelevant...put your kids first)


Maybe she watches music video's, the music awards or plays adult rated video games ..... maybe she has friends at school that tell her things, or watches TV in the evening .... maybe she has face book, or her own computer, lap top, I Pad, or cell phone with internet access, Maybe she has good parents and maybe she doesn't, maybe she is a victim herself and maybe she isn't ..... right now there are a LOT of maybe's

White Owl

My money is on the girl was abused herself, groomed and trained to perform this sex act. Anyone have 12 year daughters? Do you really believe young females enjoy this activity? It's clearly learned behavior and she is acting out.


Whether they enjoy it is irrelevant. They are engaging in it to gain popularity and peer approval.


You are forgetting the obvious. The girl may not have been sexually abused nor seen mom do things. She could have been normally curious because of raging hormones (most 12-year-old girls have hit puberty) but emotionally, socially, or developmentally immature for her age, and therefore didn't understand how to deal with these feelings/questions. It doesn't mean she's a pedophile. It means she needs counseling.

White Owl

You have to be male. Raging hormones do not drive females to want to perform oral sex. Again, most girls won't touch anything "icky" let alone put an object somebody urinated on in their mouth.


And you must be a prudish old female. Many teenage girls and women perform oral sex, and some actually enjoy it. Since when are private parts "icky"? Is that what you teach your child, that part of them is dirty and nasty?
This is a child, but most likely a pubescent child. Raging hormones and curiosity often result in experimentation. Again, if this girl is socially or emotionally immature, she may not understand why it was wrong to do this to young children or how to handle that curiosity or feelings.

White Owl

Hardly. I was speaking from the perspective of a 12 year old girl. And to young girls a penis is strange looking and it is used to urinate.

Again, this is abnormal behavior for a 12 year old girl and it was learned abnormal behavior. Go back to your pornography and keep dreaming.


I never said it was normal behavior. And you obviously don't know that some 12-year-old girls actually get pregnant, so obviously you don't know the perspective of all 12-year-old girls. Only your generalization.
I am sure she will undergo an evaluation to determine the dynamics behind this incident as well as the potential for her to do it again. But do not jump to conclusions. Not all kids that do this have been sexually abused or exposed to inappropriate sexual behavior. Some just have poor judgment.
I love all the know-it-alls on this board. Everyone thinks they are a psychologist.
Btw, I am female and do not watch or look at porn, thank you very much. So you are wrong on both accounts.


Coming from a "know it all" counselor who unfortunately deals with sexual abuse and trauma cases regularly, i can tell you that acts like touching, petting, etc. between children (under 13) of around the same age is considered normal sexual curiosity. A child who initiates an adult sexual act on children 5 years younger than her is not normal behavior and the 12 year old children who get pregnant are not being impregnated by 7 year olds. I hope you are right that this girl has not been sexually abused and is just "socially immature" but for someone who is so socially immature she seems to be very sexually mature.


And coming from another "know-it-all" counselor who has dealt with hundreds of sexual abuse cases, I can tell you that many children are evaluated everyday for inappropriate sex acts that are nothing more than curiosity and hormones combined with bad judgment. What you are peaking of is true for a 12-year-old in the normal range of maturity. A 12-year-old who is socially, mentally, or emotionally immature does not see himself/herself as any different than a young child, and can make bad mistakes with regard to sexuality.
Kids experiment, even ones that haven't been abused.


White Owl, you need to get out more. This behavior is far too common these days among girls of that age, although informed is also incorrect to say it's because of their hormones. It's because of their male peers' hormones and the desire to be accepted and popular.

White Owl

Please provide a citation to a peer reviewed journal article to support your statement that this behavior is common in 12 year old girls.

If it is "common" it is because as you point out older males with their raging hormones have instructed young girls and pressured young girls to engage in this aberrant behavior. That brings us back to my original premise that the young girl is likely a victim of child sexual abuse by an older male and has been groomed to engage in this behavior.

Also, is it appropriate for the SR to even allow comments on this article? At some level isn't this article and comments a form of child pornography? Doesn't the article and comments allow some to live vicariously and feed their fantasies?


"by age 12, 12 percent of students had already engaged in vaginal sex, 7.9 percent in oral sex, 6.5 percent in anal sex and 4 percent in all three types of intercourse." -Christine Markham, Ph.D., assistant professor of behavioral science, UT School of Public Health, April 2009 issue of The Journal of School Health

"Overall, 9% of youth had ever had sexual intercourse, and 8% had had oral sex. Three percent reported having had oral sex only, 4% intercourse only and 5% both." -Abstract, Sexual Intercourse and oral sex amongh public middle school students: prevalence and correlates, Perspect Sex Reprod Health. 2010 Sep;42(3):197-205. doi: 10.1363/4219710

"So were other parents of girls at Williamsburg [Middle School,
Arlington, VA] who took similar calls that evening and showed up for a meeting in the school library a few nights later. The principal, Margaret McCourt-Dirner, told about 25 assembled parents that as many as a dozen girls and two or three boys had been engaging in oral sex through most of the school year. The teens, 13 and 14 years old, were getting together at parties in one another's homes and at local parks." Washington Post article 8 July 1999 - 14 YEARS AGO.

You need to step out of your sheltered perspective. Heck, it wasn't unheard of in my 7th grade class in the mid 70's in an upper middle class suburb.

I never said OLDER males. It's common between kids of the same age, and an increasing matter of concern. Kids are more aware, and they're experimenting. In every adolescent age group, the dynamic exists of girls effectively trading sex for popularity, approval, and acceptance.

Your final paragraph says a lot about you. Apparently, your response to bad news is to demand that we all stick our heads in the sand. How does that solve anything?


In my day it was more like 75% had engaged in oral sex. Things haven't changed that much I'm sure.


White Owl, you need to visit the real world and leave Polly Anna land.


I agree 100%


I bet she has been sexually abused at one point in her life.


Maybe, maybe not. Lots of kids experiment.


I agree with Informed. We just don't know what we don't know. She could have been abused or exposed to certain things but we know for sure about the human body. When you get to a certain age your body changes and you need to be properly educated about it. She needs to learn what acceptable behavior for a young lady is and how to respect herself and her body. Sad part is she probably ignited some feelings in the young boys they are not ready to understand! The best way to try to avoid these types of behaviors is to educate your children about their bodies. We teach them about the possibility of molestation and what to do but that is usually all the education they get for a while. Boys and girls have certain feelings at certain ages and as parents we have to be ready to deal with it appropriately.

Simple Enough II

Maybe a good reminder for parents to chat with their children, you just never know when changes start to hit them, what thoughts, questions or urges they might have? Just my thoughts on this.


Kids expermenting at that age with each other is not uncommon. All you folks who are acting like you were pure as the driven snow at that age are fooling yourselves.


I'm with WhiteOwl on this one-- 12 year-old girls are not interested in performing oral sex on 7-8 year-old boys EVER unless there is some type of underlying problem. Informed & Nemesis, you are both correct in your statements also regarding a 12 year-old girl feeling both pressured by males or her own curiosity (that though, not so much)-but this would involve activity with an older male, or at least one her own age. But, no way would a normal, healthy young pre-teen have a desire to do what she did.

White Owl

Thank you.


The fact remains that this sort of thing happens fairly often among kids this age, with those of their own age. 10-12 year old boys are very interested in sex, and 10-12 year old girls are very interested in acceptance and approval - do the math.

I never said there was anything healthy about it. There's DEFINITELY an underlying problem; it just isn't necessarily a problem involving an older male.