Man, 50, charged in rape of girl

Miller, of Oak Harbor, accused of ongoing abuse of girl.
Courtney Astolfi
Nov 29, 2013


An Oak Harbor man was arrested Tuesday for the alleged years-long sexual abuse of a girl.

Eugene Miller, 50, of the 100 block of W. Water St., was charged with two counts each of rape and gross sexual imposition and one count each of kidnapping and felonious sexual penetration.

Miller’s alleged victim is now 22 years old. She went to Sandusky police in March and told them about the alleged crimes, Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell said.

The woman told investigators Miller began abusing her when she was just 4 or 5 years old, Newell said.

The incidents began as inappropriate touching, but allegedly progressed to where Miller raped the child on an ongoing basis, up until she was a sophomore in high school, police said.    

The alleged abuse occurred at a West Perkins Avenue home and at a Perry Street home.

When detectives called Miller in for interviews, he initially refused to appear, Newell said. When he finally showed up for questioning, he immediately asked for an attorney and offered no further comment.

An Erie County grand jury indicted him on the charges earlier this month.

Oak Harbor police arrested him Tuesday afternoon and took him to the Erie County jail, where he remains on $75,000 bond.



She shouldn't have waited so long to tell authorities. He could have been locked up long ago. Hopefully there are not other victims.


Unassumer, how in the hell can you judge this victim like that? Really you comment is just ignorant, plain ole ignorant.


Sorry, but I understand where "Unassumer" is coming from. Until this man is found guilty, then he is innocent. I know of a case where a woman said she was raped years ago. It was just a "get even" thing. The man's name was ruined. It didn't matter that he was found innocent and the woman eventually said she lied. The paper smeared his name all over the front page and when he was found innocent, he got a little two line article on page 6. If this man did indeed rape a child, he needs to be locked up, but until he is found guilty, I will withhold judgement.


he did it look at his face he looks guilty


Oh well......if he "looks" guilty! What a dumb statment.

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If you are going to call someone dumb, you should probably check your spelling. Dope


Oh, the bigot speaks.


All you spell checkers ought to get a job at the register. How do you always make a story that is printed become a spelling story. Knock it off, not everyone is a perfect speller and this isn't about spelling, it's about a man that raped a woman.

Truth or Dare

If true, he didn't rape a woman, he sexually abused and raped a child beginning at the age of 4 or 5 and over a period of what, 10 yrs.! She is now a young woman. One who has lived with the effects of such abuse for another what, almost 10 yrs.! The predator that he is had access to this young woman as a child, groomed her and did so over the years. That in and of itself more than likely was a factor in her not coming forward prior to now, and maybe, just maybe she was threatened? Maybe, just maybe it was put into her young brain that she wouldn't be believed? Maybe, just maybe as a child and a young teenager, she was scared to death, felt unnecessary guilt and shame?!

To this young woman, I'm hoping that rather than a plea agreement, she is given the opportunity and is strong and brave enough to stand before this man, to face him with her accusation within a court of law. Should he be found guilty, that will put him away (for a time)and save other very young children from the same personal and psychological devastation/scarring caused by such abuse! May she stay strong and HEAL! To all parents, want to help protect your children? Teach your children, very young children as they're prime targets, how to better protect themselves from such Predators! FYI; It's usually not a stranger.


I agree with truth or dare. I knew of a perv teacher that felt up young girls (Willard Junior High) I was a kid & regret not telling someone. This Miller guy could get a valid witness & openly talk to the cops if he had nothing to hide. Instead he lawyers up....